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About the person who created the comic

Note: You might need to click the images in order to see a better quality or the whole picture

The person who had created the comic seems to be really nasty to his customers because someone had uploaded his comic on the internet. Like all comics made, they are ALWAYS uploaded to the internet and its almost impossible to stop. Because of this, the creator of Amy Untold Finally had started threatening people due to what had happened. Shown in these images are examples of numerous comics uploaded to the web every day:

There was also a letter that was sent out to all of his customers a couple of weeks ago. It reads:

"Hey dear AmyUNTOLD supporters, This letter goes out to everybody ordered a copy of my book. Many of you have never given me feedback about the arrival of the item, and your opinions, i hope because everything was fine. Now, the important thing. At least one of you was so cool, to upload the whole book onto the website on May 12th, and completely killed off my sales. He or she was sooo cool, yeah, now thousands of people at least 10 years old (at least i hope they are at least that old) think that he or she is sooo cool, omg loll omg cool. Yeah, even THAT coooool. Was this worth it? Congratulations. So now, the issue 1 project is dead at the moment, and I am still dozens of copies away from just being at zero of all the expenses i had to have to achieve this book. Not to mention, as it keeps being dead day by day, the sequels' existance are heavily fading away. ... SO: I need your help, to be able to bring you the other issues. Yes, thanks to that person among you, buying a copy was not enough. Please, spread the word about my work, help me to find possible buyers, because really soon i will have to pay for the final part for the printing, and i'm gonna be so fucked, if i can't pay them. That is just one thing that i don't know what will happen to me, but also we are gonna lose the quality - but still kinda cheap - service for possible future books. Please don't just toss away this little message, help me, nearly every of you told me would be interested in all the other issues, YES, those WON't HAPPEN, if we don't unite against the fuck, who caused this situation. my kindest regards to all of you, except 'the Fuck', TC"

About a week or so later, he had uploaded the gallery to the G.E Hentai site for promotional reasons. Odd thing is, its the same site that he stated in his letter that quote: "thousands of 10 year old's would get onto" Here is the link to his gallery that later would be removed from the search engines.

So, why is he threatening his customers just because only ONE person had uploaded the comic and nothing more? Why would be so upsetting for this to happen, even though we can expect all comics to be uploaded and distributed across the internet? And why did he say that the site he mentioned would be a potential threat to thousands of ten-year old kids, even though its an adult site? Why did he upload his promotional gallery a week later? There are many questions to ask and so many answers to figure out.

A short while later, he had created a video that made death threats of not only me, but also his customers. Supposedly, what he is trying to say is that he has the buyers addresses and he would probably try to find the one buyer who had disrupted his work. Of course there are about 24 buyers so clearly they might not even know what is going between threats of looking for the person and kill them and having their addresses. Clearly, he's a psychopath. Because of the video, it was taken down, but I have manged to download it and created a response of not only that video, but also he's most recent one that he made a couple of days ago.

Then, several hours ago or so, he had made a couple comments on his video:

Here, in the first part, he assumes that I'm trying to delete his video, even though only Youtube has the authority to do so. Does he really think that I have the authority? The only reason as of why his 1st video was deleted was because he was making death threats to a bunch of people, including me. So, now he says that he won't be uploading anymore content onto his channel in fear of it being flag and eventually have his channel shut down completely, loosing about 100 subscribers. I think the real reason as of why his video isn't suitable for minors is because his previous videos had death threats in it, and by looking at his recent video, its basically trolling. Then he goes on telling me how an empty life I have, even though he's the one threatening me and his buyers behind a computer screen.

In the second part, it gets more humorous. Someone comments that it was bound to happen since every other comic tends to get uploaded all over the web legally and its true! Now, he admits that it happens with every other comic and that it's okay that it's up. Weird how he really, really, really, hated that comic to be uploaded to the internet so much that he decided to make a video involving death threats to his customers and me. Now, he states how often does it kill a series off like this? Furry Bomb is a great example. Because of users who took his work without permission and had sent it across the internet, the artist decided NOT to make anymore of Furry Bomb and was never heard from ever since. Basically, its just nothing but failed propaganda that he is trying to pull on everyone else.

Let's get back to the videos that he had made in the past. See, he mentions something about Furry Bomb, in which seems quite odd to bring up. Ironically, the comic he created has mostly tracings of the Furry Bomb comic series. Here are a couple of examples. I'm still trying to get the images in order, but there are a lot of tracing.

Here is an interesting thing that reads on his site:


Weird how he says that because as I stated above, it shown that he had traced Furry Bomb comics. So is that copyright infringement?

I Just recently went to check out his site and guess what? It's now a potential threat! See for yourself!

I tried clicking on "Ignore this warning" on the lower right hand corner and it still won't let me in! Is he trying to make his site more dangerous? According to the Google Safe Browsing, the reason why it's like this is quote: "In some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message." And then it saids quote: "Site is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may harm your computer." That means that this site cannot be accessed anymore, regardless if you click the "ignore this warning" option. So, what does this mean for TC? Of course, there are alternatives of getting around this security thing, unless if it applies to every browsers, but consider the risk of getting into his site if Google has stated and proved the potential threat it really is. Here's a link to the browsing diagnostic to his site:

Let's talk about his Ebay page now. He had already made 20+ sales, and now they are decreasing significantly. Why? Because of the use of the internet. As I stated in the beginning, people tend to upload the comic normally. And it's obvious one out of the 20+ that has the comic could of scanned it. So finding out who has actually done it would be pretty hard. But if he had managed to find who done it, what then? You can't prevent something that is spread all over the internet in a few week's time. He is practically selling only 4 copies of his comic, with only 1 bidder.

You might be wondering, "Why is TC still selling these comics for, even though his sales had dropped significantly and is all over the web?" That's because he still has to pay off all of the printing that he had done with the other comics that he had created. Of course, he is in a deep hole in his financial goals of not only paying this off, but also in a hole of not able to trace anymore of anyone's work and create more of a series of comics.

Now, lets go back in time. Back into 2008. Before this comic was published, he had made pen drawings of the comic in a poor detail of it. He later then modified his comic, but you can see the similarly in his final draft that was later released in April of 2009. There are more of his pen drawings all over the web, but they are somewhat hard to track down.
I had spoken with someone who seems to know more about him that I do and here is what he said. "The uncensored pictures were already posted in his page. He replaced them for censored pictures when he discovered they were on here. The Creator is a guy who started the ''Amy Untold'' series back in 2008, with a handdrawn comic, with edits in art apps.It got distributed in low res for free, the hi-res needed some payment, because this guy wanted donations. As his infamy arose due to a fight with FCHAN and reviews saying that the comic was horrible,he started a new project, which is the comic he is selling now. It got a redesign from the very first book, and some colored works and the second part of the first comic. All in an almost-70 page book. This time he's asking money for it.But since the first comic, he traced things off Furry Bomb. Some poses are completely identical, and in the new book you can see my with the same aroused face, because it's tracing too. What he's doing is two wrong things. One is tracing, he needs to do that, if you see his first comic, he sucks at drawing,with many problems in proportions and anatomy. What he does best is backgrounds and landscapes, he does a good job there, and I admit it. And the second thing he's doing is making money out of Sonic in a non-Japanese region. If he wants to make money, then he should be in Japan, selling to and in Japan,and that's it. We may question his tracing, but the fact that he's selling in Japan wouldn't take this thing further, as it is now." Of course, if you can be able to check out his site somehow, you can see the censored photos that the person above mentions. In the past, he did create a couple videos showing partial nudity, and was promoting his first comic Amy Untold, not the Amy Untold Finally, but then decided to remove them. He did provide links to his free comic at the time when the videos were still up and now it's across the internet. He wasn't going for the money at the time, but now he is. If you are able to see the censored photos, here are the uncensored ones that he created before censoring them on his site:

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