Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kioworks Loves To Criticize Someone's Artwork, But He Hates Criticism Of His Own Artwork

An artist of Vikingland had created a Sonic Hentai picture on the Furaffinity page and then Kio steps in and decides to add constructive criticism.

Of course, Kio fails to realize that he basically bashed this guys own artwork, and even give them an example of how to do it the right way. As a result, the author replies back to Kio, saying that he hates criticism and tells him that he hates people that think they can do better.

The link of this gallery can be found here:

Now, Kio use this excuse to put into the Hentai Foundry Thread that he was on and here are their responses to this:

Of course, in this same very thread, people are giving him constructive criticism

How does Kio react to constructive criticize?

Yep, that's how. At first, he was given constructive criticism from others, then he hates it and starts calling them names as a result. Then, he gives constructive criticism to someone that doesn't even like it, and it was mostly to attack the artist Vikingland and telling him how Kio wants it to look like.

Link to forum:

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