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Kiowork's Past

Someone from Fchan had sent me a link to factual information of Kiowork's past. The link can be found here:

Since there isn't much news about E-thug, I would like to get down to his favorite little admirer, Kioworks. Kioworks owns 2 websites that has to do with Sonic porn and nothing more. Some of his journals on Furaffinity were removed by him, and a couple of his pictures were removed from the site itself. Earlier this year, Kio felt so disclosed by everyone, thinking that no one appreciates his art.

When you get to read it all, its really sad how he is so warped of drawing them and then makes some stupid responses out of them, like don't take hentai art too seriously, even though he has an obsession with Sonic porn, especially of the Amy Rose character. If you are wondering, ilol is short for lolicon, which it's basically hentai drawings of kids having sex with adults or anything else. Wikipedia link here
Sadly, it's not illegal, unless if it was the real thing and not the drawing! Kio is so obsessed with his artwork and little children being naked, it's sickening!

Now, lets continue our way of knowing more about Kio. A little while or so after he thinks that everyone hates his artwork, he created some more journals:

So, now he has admitted of causing too much drama with his art, as well as being obsessed with other people's artwork and so forth. He first says that he quits because he can't take too much criticism from other people because of how he draws and how he builds all this drama. Then, he says in another journal entry that he isn't going to give up and listed a bunch of excuses of why he he isn't going to give up. Notice how it took him 3 days to change his mind. Was he really meaning to do that, or was he just trying to build more drama again?

In couple more of his journal entries, his obsession for sex is getting worse. So obsessed, that he wants sex toys for his own personal use. Notice the first image in the bottom left corner of the picture. He had uploaded that to his gallery and it's just sickening:

Continuing looking through his sick ways, there was an image that was banned (shown below) and the information about what had happened to it listed in the description.

In the description, he talks about his banned image that he had once uploaded to Furaffinity.

The image that was banned:
I can't show it on this blog, but I'll give you the link to it.

Now, lets go back in time for a bit. In the first journal, he says that he decided to draw hentai art again, (even though the journal listed above later said that he decided to quite and then changed his mind.) This is an attempt to build up more and more drama for him. Yet again, he apologies for the drama that he had caused (similar to what he had said earlier this year.) His second journal gives facts and truths about him.

Kio's paranoia has been getting worse it seems like as the months go by in his journal entries. He thinks that everyone wants to be Kio, but why would anybody be someone that is obsessed with child hentai porn? It's still a mystery.

Someone that knows Kio says that Kio was, at the time at Newgrounds, made journals about their violations and reports. The reason is still hasn't been figured out yet. In the past, he had been putting links in his journals of nsfw adult sites, which these journals are gone, but there is evidence of him still creating links in the journals.

So, Kio use to have a girlfriend, and because of this Amy Rose fan hood of his, and this an excuse of a headache, he didn't go out with her on a date! His mind is completely warped with porn as you can see.

Let me tell you about Kiowork's animations. His animations are terrible. If you want to see how bad they really are, here's a link to download them. I bet sometime in the future, these links will be obsolete with all this information being show in this blow entry.
Here is also the link to his forum talking about his crappy animations.

Here is something really, really interesting. He's doing commissions at a price! Wow, and didn't he mention this in his latest journal that he isn't going to ask for any donations or prices for his commissions? He can charge up to 40 Euros for a freaking pencil drawing and 60 Euros for a colored picture? You can see why Kio has been lying to people for so long. If he did figure out what is causing his Paypal to be messed up, he would probably still would be asking for money just for the drawings and coloring at a very high price! Here was his recent Furaffinity journal, with the comment saying that he's thinking about making a comic for free to everyone, but I doubt that will ever happen.

Another example of porn links that he was linking inside of one of his journal.

The link to this Journal is obsolete, but this was the original link to it.

And the links listed on his old journal are here:

Also, here's a link to an old Hentai Foundry thread that he was on, lying to people, which caused them to tell him the truth of what they have really feel about Kio and his artwork.

Now, he is, by far, one of the most sickest journals that he have ever created in Furaffinity.

Here is what I really think it could be. Bad Karma.

There was one of his icon's of his that was currently on his submission page, but was later removed. Some people think this could be the real Kio. For the record, Kio is a guy, not a girl.

One last thing, Kio had created a second account on Furaffinity that if you look at it, its just plain creepy. Notice how there wasn't any comments sent to this account for about a year!

As you can see, all these things are the reason why Kio is, by far, a liar, a sick pervert, and is so obsessed with porn, that it has warped his mind almost completely. Why people care about what has done in the past, and how he is still lying about it is a complete mystery. I bet you anything that someday, he'll remove my blog's link in his Furaffinity journal and by the time he has done that, many people would already have seen it.
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