Wednesday, January 6, 2010

E-Thug Adds More Updates, Creates More Hypocritcal Statments, And Making Himself Look Like A Total Jackass

It has been a while since any big news had came up with the notorious E-Thug. I've been relaxing and enjoying the holidays, including starting my Sociology class.

Anyway, here is the news.

First off, he creates some comments listed on his Youtube channel page.

He is trying to advertise his traced content yet again and is trying to have everyone to donate to him for his Hentai project. No matter what he says that it's not any type of that content, there is still key features shown in his video that proves that he is lying through his teeth.

Here is something that bugs me a little. He says that he is releasing his comic for everyone to download, but it won't be any kind of scans. The thing is that the ones that I have released is in perfect condition. Whatever he is trying to say to the others is that mine is bad, download his instead. The downloads for the comic, as well as the views of it is significantly higher than his. He has NO proof of any statistics that his will be greater quality and downloading rate than I currently have. Here is proof of it. Here is also a link to it for even more proof.

If you all recall, this is either the same comic that he tried to sale last year, but failed royally on it; or its the old original one that was basically used to as a traced reference for the Amy Untold: Finally comic. I have, of course, mentioned about his channel page description is kept on changing because there were significant pieces of information that I have captured that shows that he's being a hypocrite of what he is saying.

Then he mentions about doing possible commissions if the calenders are successful enough, which will unlikely to happen. Once content is released, it will forever be spread across the internet FOREVER. This is why his Amy Untold: Finally comic sales plummeted into a threshold of hell.

Here is his updated channel description.

His hopes in having Sega to accept this traced piece-of-garbage is too high, even living in reality. Then he mentions about selling the calender as a possible financial risk. Of course the comic he was trying to sell last year was, in fact, a huge financial risk indeed. The third option of his doesn't make much sense.

Then he goes in mentions about his *cough* his Hentai works *cough*. The rate on which it was being sold was, in fact, failing regardless. There was already someone else that had uploaded the comic before me, but he didn't have the quality that I have obtained easily and anonymously. The shocking thing he mentions is that he is going to destroy his printed stock and instead have it online. Interesting....

He then mentions more about me about the "fake accounts" and stuff. His site is evidence that he owns it, but the evidence that he's telling the truth isn't shown.

And of course, creating as many accounts as you want on Youtube isn't against the law. It might be for his Socialist controlled dictatorship of a country. Socialism failed E-Thug, and it controls everyone's lives.

Now lets look at his new Youtube video that he recently posted.

I find this very amusing. His is, yet again, advertising on Youtube, with pornographic content. Of course, if he mentions about having high-quality JPEG pictures of the comics, then that means he literally took all the pictures that I have uploaded from another site, packed it together, and claim it that it is his. The pictures that I have uploaded are, in fact, in high quality. Gee, I wonder what this "remastered version" of this would look like. Then he mentions about me wanting to suck his "tiny little balls." A few things that he doesn't understand completely out of all of this. First, I'm straight, meaning that I'm not associated to homosexuality. Second, he doesn't seem to have any girlfriend, obsessed in fantasying about having sex with an imaginative creature, he makes homosexual/bisexual statements that prove to be irrelevant, and he admits that he has a set of tiny balls; most likely a needle dick.

The video, in fact, shows ALOT of sexual content and I'm not surprised that he would upload something like this on Youtube again.

Lastly, here is his site updates.

Lets start from the 2nd. He mentions on how slow his computer is in zooming into his pictures. he also mentions about uploading a video on Youtube for yet another Calender trailer preview.

The next day, he announces that his comic will be available online to download and view. He admits of a total of $550 in debt with his family in creating this comic. I'm shocked to see that the family has to be impacted in all of this, even though it's his fault for tracing and selling the comics in the first place! If I was one of the family members, I would kick his ass royally and make him to get a job to pay it all off! He lies about how the money doesn't influence him by material standards. He did mention a while back that he needs donations for this and that to keep him interested in finishing his project. He mentions that the first day, the views on it was at 5,000. What he failed to mention is that the views on it was way over 50,000 hits and there were more than 7.5k a month worth of visitors in the first month when it was first released. He then mentions about how Paypal's donation fees is changed around. Then he mentions about the quality of the pictures, which are probably the exact quality as the ones that I have uploaded last year.

Two days later, he was asking people to yet again donate for him before he would send his content to SEGA, which of course is traced. He then mentions about adding some of the old Amy Untold comics with the calender that would be sold on Ebay. Of course the content isn't being sold yet. I'm beginning to wonder whether or not the item that he sold privately several months back was some sort of a prototype of the calender.

Finally, here is his bar. He wants to raise the money that he owes to his family for failing to produce sales. The donations is just a waste of time to help him out basically. Even if he is bailed out, he would still need more money in order to create more calenders for people, creating another chain of dedicates.

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