Friday, January 8, 2010

E-Thug Lies About Being Only On Youtube And No Where Else; And More

Remember how E-Thug mentions that the only website he is on is his Youtube account?

There is a different website that he logs in frequently. Ironically, its the same place of where Kio was getting the crap kicked out from the others for being an idiot. Here is the link.

I find it ironic how he keeps calling me a liar, even though he's the one that is doing all the sneaky lying b.s.

In other news, there were other websites that were spotted from his username.

Long story short, E-Thug is, yet again, lying through his teeth.


  1. Might be interesting to read and maybe to point out later, dunno:

  2. I find that pretty interesting. Seems to be alot more tracers these days that are trying to make a profit.