Friday, June 25, 2010

More Traced Content On Ebay!

There is a bunch of photos floating around from E-Thug, advertising his traced content.

E-Thug Returns, Advertising Another Traced Comic, And Deletes History!

Well, I'm back again. There is alot of news fluttering around with E-Thug returning back onto Youtube and his website, advertising more traced b.s. content. This time, he's creating yet another comic. He wants everyone to pitch in and pre-order the comic.

I'll bet you can't even get your money back if you dislike the comic at all, much like his previous attempt that he pulled on Ebay the last time he sold a comic. The pre-order stunt is nothing more than an attempt to gain as much money as he can out of the early deal and hopefully sell more comics in the near future.

Speaking of money, he states that because his computer isn't powerful enough to make 3D animations or even games based of his serious, he won't be able to continue unless if he receives donations. Funny thing is, he mentions that he's wanting to make mini games, and creating 3D models that he's not showing to anyone, nor is planning to release them to the public for free. $25 for a crappy model. How sad. And he expect us to believe that the models were created completely by him, even though the models look identical to the ones you see from recent Sonic games? There hasn't been an update with the outdated crappy models in ages. It makes me wonder why he tries to fool everyone.

Curiosity, I checked on his website for any updates. Sure enough, I ran into this new mess of garbage.

As you can see now, ALL of his old updates that he had listed for the past months, including the money donation counter that wasn't even finished, have been removed! That means there is virtually no history saved or recorded by him that claims to be his facts. He continues to erase more back history that he made so that he can manipulate the situation to prevent any weaknesses of his from being exposed. Those weaknesses are his so-called "commission images" and "lack of donations"or even the history of events that led up to all of this mess. By trying to remove images and back history would prevent new subscribers of his from finding out the old content, which he can so easily lead them to believe any garbage that he will try to pull.

That's the image of the traced comic that he will be selling July 1st. It's too bad that this comic will be eventually shown on many websites, stretching all across the internet for all to look at and see. For free......

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 50,000 Views!

Wow! 10k views under two months! Thanks!

SonicHentai.Net Creates G-Mod Map Of E-Thug's Traced Work

Looks like E-thug's fans are too desperate enough to have a map made in his dedication. Pathetic.