Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Evidence On The Rise From Dramachan And More

Seems like things are getting worse and worse for supporters of Apostle. Apparently, some users on Dramachan agrees that Apostle is tracing. So they came up with some photo comparisons for even more amusing evidence.

You know, this is exactly how E-Thug does his tracings. He traces and then modifies them slightly so that no one would seem to catch on. Problem is that its obvious and he's not fooling no one.

In other news, there were some things posted on the site that seems to be getting way out of hand.

Apparently, they are now trying to post pictures of this individual assuming that I'm him. So by trying damaging one's life by posting a picture of a person that isn't me is going to accomplish anything? Dumb asses. That's why idiots like these trolls shouldn't breed.

E-Thug Creates Another Video And The Drama Continues On Rule 34

E-Thug has released more of his traced b.s. through his video.

In the video, it showed some more Sonic Hentai stuff, but not as bad as the other videos that he advertised on the website. It was as though yesterday he told everyone that it's not for adults. Look what we have here now. Even more evidence of it is now shown.

There were a couple of comments that he made on his Youtube channel that I found a bit amusing.

On the oldest comment, he talks about his sister and the party. Not much there.

On the newest comment, I found a bit more amusing. He gets pissed off because I flagged a video of his for having suggestive sexual content and being used for advertisement. He tries to get to me of how I have no life and yada yada yada. I find the irony in all of this by how he spends his life tracing Sonic Hentai b.s., selling it for a profit, and believing that he will be accepted to work at SEGA. Please, why would SEGA hire someone that traces and offers them a bunch of traced Sonic Hentai pictures that suppose to be his calender?

For his website, there was a major change.


In other news, people are still complaining about me and being Jack Bandicoot, including all these other conspiracies. So let's look at a comment that I found very bizarre.

There is so much bullshit in this comment, I don't know where to begin! First off, why the living hell would I make a thread to go after myself? That is some straight-up bullshit right there. Second, I have discovered it when someone posted a comment on the Rule 34 website saying that I deserve to be on Dramachan. I mean really? Why are there so many idiots conspiring all of these conspiracy bullshit to try to make me fear them? Here is the answer: They do not have girlfriends and they spend much of their time fapping and trolling other people to death. Enough said. The drama won't last long, just like most of their other dramas they have on Rule 34. Keep it up guys, your making yourselves look like assholes.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Apostle Drama Posted On Dramachan

Well, I decided to see if the drama was posted on the website. Sure enough, it did.

I found amusing though is that its posted under "Art Drama" and people there comment on tracings and they despise it. So whoever the person that posted the conflict on the website lost big time. They didn't accomplish anything, except for having more people to understand that Apostle does trace. Keep disgracing yourself guys! Your doing a good job at it!

Fans Of Apostle On Rule 34 Continues To Create Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are on the rise regarding me and being someone else. Paranoia toward the supports is on the rise as every second goes by with Apostle's mysterious disappearance. Worrying of having less of a good tracer to fap to, they rage and want to find out who really had done this. So lets go down the list to other comments that had recently caught my attention.

I'm not dragging anyone down with me. If that actually happened, then I would be losing and I would know it. I'm just commenting of what is going on exactly. Clearly this individual has his head up his ass. He creates this conspiracy about how it was a coincidence of how the image was posted around almost the same time as the blog entries. He assumes that I'm this user that created this blog.

Nothing is proven, except for him looking like a huge jackass. His facts are dry and some people are actually believing this crap. He thinks that now that I had done this, that more people would hate me. That may be true, but not entirely a huge mob of people. Yes, I have explained how severely wrong he really is. He hides behinds his computer, fapping his life away. If the asshole knew what was going on and who actually owns this blog, then there wouldn't be much of a debate on whether or not I'm either this Luigi or this "Jack Bandicoot" they keep referring to. I'm not going to post my name or picture just to prove these individuals that I'm someone else. It's naive.

Lying in my blog? Why in the hell would I be lying? If I were this Jack Bandicoot, wouldn't I tell you that I am him? Of course I would if that be the case. I mean, that name isn't real so that wouldn't matter. But still, I'm not this individual that they are confusing me to be. I'm not even scared of Dramachan so who the hell is he kidding?

Alot of the users want these images removed in order to restore order for Apostle so that he would hopefully come back. Problem is that many people would still know about this after it's removed and that people like me have managed to take a copy of the image and post it here at my blog.

In conclusion, you can assure me all you want of being Jack Bandicoot or Luigi, but I can assure you that I'm not these people. You can try harassing these users all you want, but I swear to you that your not accomplishing anything and that I won't receive one single message from it. I wouldn't be surprised that some of them who came onto my blog were a bunch of AmyUntold supporters that frequently looks into my blog and clicks on things manage to spam nonsense conspiracies on the Rule 34 website.

I can admit though that I have brought down the great Kioworks and he failed to admit that I had something to do with it, even though I had evidence. What really gets me is that they think that I would somehow find out about this artist and all of a sudden find out that he is tracing. I wouldn't have any idea who this person is and wouldn't even know that he traces. If I knew that from the beginning, then I would type it out on my blog, but wouldn't have much luck of finding which image he traced. That goes the same as the AmyUntold images. It took a long time before I have managed to find huge resemblance of tracings in his work, but it payed off.

Rumors Of Apostle Closing His Account Due To Evidance

There is a rumor going around on the Rule 34 website about Apostle closing his Hentai Foundry account. It was caused by two photos that were emerged of Apostle showing that he traced the content For me, I know very little of this individual or where he posts his drawings exactly.

Majority of the users on the site that is commenting on both of these pictures assume that he is using them for reference and not for tracing. The drawings and original prints are almost identical and that is pretty damn accurate if he drew it as a reference. Regardless, if you copy the positions as a reference from another image, that is considered copying.

Some of the comments that I was going through on the website were pretty amusing and full of conspiracy. I'll share some with you.

I do not know of this Jack Bandicoot that they are referring to, but I can assure you that I'm not this individual.

They keep mentioning this Jack Bandicoot fellow and I'll explain why this is in interest of me.

They keep assuming that I'm this Jack Bandicoot guy. Why they think this I have no idea.

Throughout these comments, they are talking about me being Jack Bandicoot. I have no idea who this individual does, but I can say for sure that I am not him.

They probably assume that I am him because about the same time this image was published, I found out about this and posted it in my blog. So now they are posting links to my blog, which I have no problem with them doing that. That just adds the hits meter.

This user, as well as others, wants these images removed in hope to bring back Apostle, that is if he really did leave.

The drama would be stirred by an overwhelming amount of fappers that don't care if its traced.

Enough said. Majority of them just want to fap to it, regardless of being it traced.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Evidance Of Apostle Tracing Revealed

There was more tracing proof made, but the user who posted it is in full support to him and therefore is a HUGE hypocrite. Some that don't care if someone traced or not regarding in Hentai just want something to fap to. Enough said.

Some of the comments on this image as well as the other one seem to don't care because all they want to do for 24/7 is to fap on something that doesn't exist. That I found amusing.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

E-Thug's Sister Possible Exposure To Hentai Content?

There was a comment that he made a couple of days ago that sort of disturbed me.

So the sister wants to be Amy Rose for her school party. Here is what sort-of gets me. The irony in all of this of how he traces Amy Rose Hentai content and her little sister wants to look like Amy Rose for the party. The only way she were to find out of Amy Rose is one of three things: either if she was exposed to any Sonic X shows, she had gotten into his drawings, or E-Thug showed her his work. Whatever the case may be, showing pornographic content to a minor IS ILLEGAL! However, there is very little information to tell us how exactly she was exposed to this, but this is the most likely outcomes that could of happened.

Another Tracer Revealed?

There is a famous sonic Hentai artist that has been drawing content for quite some time. His username is Apostle. There was some information that I have came across that seems to be valuable information and very reasonable indeed. It was uploaded by the user named Luigi on the Rule 34 website.

So how many famous and notable artists will there be that would trace such content? E-Thug was able to alter most of his traced content in order to try and fool others that it's not a trace, but there are features that are still shown.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lots of News From The E-Thug

I have been taking a break for a while from the blog website and I have now decided that my break is over.

First up is the comments that he had left on his channel. Nothing is raelly new here except he's trying to yet again create more printouts of his disastrous traced work.

Meanwhile, on his website showed an update to his project.

He now is going to create yet another video to advertise his crap on Youtube. Will he ever learn? Absolutely not!

I have noticed ealier today on the fan website that worships Kioworks and E-Thug that they are promoting E-Thug's website for donations. It's not unusual for the person to do this, seeing that Kio had done the exact same thing and refuses to admit it.

What I found very ammusing is that its extremely simple to find the IP address toward the person owning the server and can easily shut down the website if I wanted to. But, seeing that they are doing little or no harm in the matter, I'll let it slide for now. After all, I have other ways to ruin it without even taking down the website.