Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lots of News From The E-Thug

I have been taking a break for a while from the blog website and I have now decided that my break is over.

First up is the comments that he had left on his channel. Nothing is raelly new here except he's trying to yet again create more printouts of his disastrous traced work.

Meanwhile, on his website showed an update to his project.

He now is going to create yet another video to advertise his crap on Youtube. Will he ever learn? Absolutely not!

I have noticed ealier today on the fan website that worships Kioworks and E-Thug that they are promoting E-Thug's website for donations. It's not unusual for the person to do this, seeing that Kio had done the exact same thing and refuses to admit it.

What I found very ammusing is that its extremely simple to find the IP address toward the person owning the server and can easily shut down the website if I wanted to. But, seeing that they are doing little or no harm in the matter, I'll let it slide for now. After all, I have other ways to ruin it without even taking down the website.


  1. What is your problem ? ( and who the hell is this E-thug ? )

  2. Read the beginning of the blog and that will answer your questions.