Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Member Of Kiowork's Old Website Created Their Own Website

Pictures and link here.


It seems to me that after Kioworks shut down his website to build up more drama, one of the original members created a new website as a replacement. He wants help to finding anymore members from the original Kioworks website. I wonder how long this site will stay up.

Monday, December 14, 2009

New Kioworks Artworks Found

Seems to me that Kioworks is both hiding and producing his work again.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

E-Thug Encoraging His Subscribers To "Spam 5 Stars" In His Videos

Take a look at this.

E-Thug is now encouraging everyone to rate his videos as 5 stars and blaming me for 1 staring his videos. What he doesn't realize is that I didn't 1 star his videos. Another problem to this statement of his is that there are more high ratings going into the video than there is for 1 star ratings. Unfortunately, it's him that was encouraging everyone months ago to 1 star my videos. It's just another cheap attempt to try and phase me out; to try and make sure that the truth doesn't go out.

His second comment states about his calender and things like that. What he doesn't tell them is that there are easy ways to steer your direction on the site for sexual content that isn't attending for people who think it's sick. 2 out of 3 of the tabs that is in the main site is places that can lead to sexual content. No one would know which one would have sexual content or not. For those who are not fond of porn, don't visit the site and click the links. The only pages that are safe is the first page, the main update page, and the middle tab.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Of E-Thug's Comments On His Youtube Channel

I was browsing through the comments and found some humorous ones that I would like to share with you all.

So one user comments of how sick it is for him to make Amy Hentai.

E-Thug comes out and says things that makes him look like an complete ass. First up, he mentions that he loves a fictional furry character, which proves that he is single. Then he mentions about the quality of his pictures are not decent enough because he doesn't have a job. So he's single, has no job, and doesn't go to college. He then states that everyone helps him out and he helps them out to make them happy. In reality, not everyone helped him out and the ones that did help out just want something to fap to and wouldn't give a rat's ass about the tracing author. E-Thug creates some irony in the next part, saying that the guy doesn't have better things to do than to leave a comment, even though E-Thugs doesn't have better things than tracing Sonic Hentai. His comment of trying to disgrace him backfired completely. I'm not surprised that E-Thug blocked the guy so that he wouldn't make a terrific comeback toward E-Thug's stupid comment.

Here is another comment that I found from him. I find it funny that people think that there is no cure in being upsets in porn. He is indeed sick and there's a cure for that: Get a life, Get a job, go to college, get a girlfriend, and stop tracing porn in that small house of yours!

100 Posts and 20k Visits!

I noticed now that this site has grown to having 100 posts and a little more than 20k of visits! I would like to thank you all who had visited this site and took the time to read what I have to say and prove about E-Thug and a bit about Kioworks.

New Youtube Channel Comments From E-Thug

From the span of 3 days ago to today, E-thug posted some more text.

In this update, E-Thug finally admits about the Hentai content that he owns. He won't show anymore of his calendar and now is asking for even more donations.

Here is where he asks for donations to help kick-start his traced calender. Sounds like that he is in dire need of people to donate to his false cause. There is no way in hell that SEGA would hire this guy with the content that he traced and the Hentai comics that he traced and produced illegally.

Now, he refers to me with that stupid name again. So now he's thinking about dropping his AmyUntold series. There were alot less than 73 buyers for his comic altogether, according to his old Ebay account. Sounds like he's building up some drama and is in-fact going to try and create another traced comic.

On the next update part, here again he tries to type some things to me, even though he has nothing to use against me. He tries to make a bad impression of me in the first comment that isn't relevant so he's acting a bit childish. In the next line, he tries to intimate me, but that never works, seeing that he didn't try to kill me or his customers like he promised several months back. SEGA won't accept any kind of Hentai traced bs as examples of work that would convince them to accept them into their company. Hell, I'm not praying for it won't happen, I know for a fact that it won't happen. Knives eh? America seems to be a better country than his rat hole of a house that he lives in, tracing Sonic Hentai porn, and praying to God that it sells. Seems like in this spot he mentions about his comic that he is working on. Odd that about 3 days later that he changes his mind all of a sudden. I don't care if I see it or not. That just shows that he is more sneaky than ever before with his traced content.