Sunday, December 13, 2009

E-Thug Encoraging His Subscribers To "Spam 5 Stars" In His Videos

Take a look at this.

E-Thug is now encouraging everyone to rate his videos as 5 stars and blaming me for 1 staring his videos. What he doesn't realize is that I didn't 1 star his videos. Another problem to this statement of his is that there are more high ratings going into the video than there is for 1 star ratings. Unfortunately, it's him that was encouraging everyone months ago to 1 star my videos. It's just another cheap attempt to try and phase me out; to try and make sure that the truth doesn't go out.

His second comment states about his calender and things like that. What he doesn't tell them is that there are easy ways to steer your direction on the site for sexual content that isn't attending for people who think it's sick. 2 out of 3 of the tabs that is in the main site is places that can lead to sexual content. No one would know which one would have sexual content or not. For those who are not fond of porn, don't visit the site and click the links. The only pages that are safe is the first page, the main update page, and the middle tab.

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