Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kio Is Still Gone, What Happened To Kio's Fans, And E-Thug Sill Refuses To Respond To Me.

Kio has been gone for quite a while, like he said on his website and Furaffinity page, most of his fans are yet to be found. Some of them, however, are in the Fchan website, talking about where I am and things like that. It's like the rest of his fans had just vanished and can't be found. On the sidenote, E-thug has not responded to me after his video was taken down for advertising his traced comic. A couple of his sales are going to end later in the day so we're wait and see what happens.

Kio Was Only 10 Years Old When He Started Drawing Hentai/Porn

Kio feels proud of saying that he was drawing hentai/porn for 14 years, and currently, he is 24. Question is, "Why did he start at such a young age"? Of course, children do not draw anything like that at all, unless if they have experienced some kind of porn, which is illegal to do. Who could of influenced him of doing that anyway? Could it be his parents perhaps? Or what about any of his friends? He never mentions that at all, so he keeps showing off that he practiced for 14 years, but at the end, he grew up drawing porn. Where are these so-called drawings anyways? There are just a few dating back from either 2006 or 2007, but you don't really see any dating way before that. Is he bluffing or does he really mean of what he says?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Hasn't E-Thug Made A Single Video That Proves Anything He Says Is True

E-Thug hasn't made a single video proving of what he says. He says things like "I'm a fake" and stuff like that. But the question is, "What do you mean I'm a fake"? He recently made annotations in all of his videos.

Now, lets look at his Youtube profile again.

Here's my response to it.
"Why are you calling me a faker for? You give no reason what so ever as of why I am a faker. Of course, I am not an under aged asshole at all. In fact, I'm older than you think. Why did you say that I was the one that bought your comic, even though I didn't at all, and then telling me that I am some 16 year old? Does that mean that you have mysterious given out your comics to 16 year old kids or something? Explain the video that you had made of calling me some 16 year old, but in fact that I am much older than that. I doubt that your next comic will show any value of all to your traced comic series. If you would to somehow pull off the process of making another comic, then its just going to be yet another traced comic, with repeated stuff, just like the first and second comic. So, later on you say that basically, people won't be able to get the next issue until they buy into your comics. How can you say that if you had mentioned that you will be creating teasers and things like that for the so-called next comic series? I doubt that this comic would sell out. I mean, you have about 33 comics to so before you could sell out and you have already sold your first comic this month, not counting April or May. My final response to you is, back up your information, clarify of what your meaning by me being 16 and assuming that I bought your comic, even though I never have, and stop being a coward."

Kio will be coming back sooner than you think

Kio had announced a couple days ago that he decided that he will quit drawing hentai/porn. After that, he has taken down most of his journals, changed the website around completely, and left a final message on the Furaffinity page. Strange thing is, he says that he will keep his gallery up on the Furaffinity website. I don't think he'll be gone for long because of many reasons. First, he is still continuing to favorite Amy Rose hentai in his account, keeping his gallery up, had drawn for 14+ years, his website isn't shut down, but more like changed, and even still has an obsession with Amy Rose. The reason why he erased most of those journals is because it involved mostly of his personal life or something against me with false information. By erasing this and probably wait for a few months for all of this to blow over, he would have an opportunity to come back. Right now, he's just building drama with his supporters so that they would give into him and eventually, he'll proclaim that he returns to draw again, as well as writing a few journals about it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

E-Thug's Recent Video Taken Down

E-thug had uploaded a video on Youtube yesterday that again advertised his traced comics.

Of course, according to Youtube's rules, if you have 3 videos that are flagged and taken down, your Youtube account is suspended for good. The first video that was flagged was the threatening video that involved me and of his customers. What will happen now if another video of his is flagged and taken down? Will his subscribers ever find him again?

E-Thug Remains At Large, Kio Removed More Content

While E-thug is failing to advertise his traced comic, Kio has decided to remove his journal entries that has to do with me, as well as changing his profile image.

Kio changed his homepage of his profile.

Kio has also changed his site around too.

Here's the funny part about this. Kio has admitted twice of giving up, and of those two times, he decided not too. So, by doing this part, its just sturing up more drama so people can give into his weird ordeal. Clearly, Kio will come back, like it or not. Probably in the not-too-distant future, Kio will decide whether or not he should remove his art.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

E-Thug Continues To Fail In Advertising

E-Thug had recently created a video of advertising more of his comic. Supposedly, he said that he has gotten more prints that he asked for. E-Thug had failed to sale 23 comics so far, so by increasing the amounts of comics he has, he now has to sell 33 comics total. He has even complained not too long ago that he is paying out of the pocket and he is thinking about reducing the quality or just giving them away for free.

In his Youtube profile, he had changed it slightly.

Now, of course AmyUnt0ld is my other Youtube account. He's using propaganda for people to buy his traced comics.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kioworks Forum Has Been Removed

Today, Kiowork's forum has been completly removed. (link to site) http://z9.invisionfree.com/KioWorks/index.php

There was a hint from someone that said that his forums would be shut down, as well as his pictures and website.

The website and pictures, however, are still up, but its more likely to be taken down. I probably suspect that his journal entries will be taken down as well.

Kio later makes a statment in the Fchan board.

Publicly proclaims on the Fchan board first and not Furaffinity, Kio has (I hardly doubt it) decided to never again draw anymore Hentai porn. I still think that Kio holds a grudge on me after the fact that not to long ago, he was blocking me because I was stating a response on his journal. He also thinks that someone had reported his site due to pornagraphic materials, however, there isn't anything in the policy that saids that porn material isn't allow. Question is, why did one of the people on there said that his site will be removed as well as his pictures, but so far, only his forum was removed? So, what is next for Kio now that his forum is shut down?

Right now, Kio is offically removing his journal enteries, and probably eventually his pictures on the Furaffinity site.

The good news is that the important journals that he had up before he took them down has been saved, as well as his pictures that he will most likey to remove.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

E-Thug Puts Up 4 More Items On Ebay

After the first sale for E-thug in a long time, He decides to put up 4 more sales on there.

Probably there will be a few bids, while others is more likely to be left behind.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No Word From Kio Or E-Thug

For more than a week, there hasn't been any activity with Kio or E-thug. Kio hasn't responded to my comment on both of his journals and hasn't even created another journal. E-thug hasn't created a new video for a while and hasn't been attacking me again. Maybe they are trying to avoid me since I have a lot of collateral information to use against them in case if they come back and flame again. It won't be long before E-thug would create another video, probably talking about his $0.01 sale and things like that. As for Kio, who knows.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Almost A Week Gone By For E-Thug's Comic On Ebay

With E-thug trying to advertise his comic on Youtube, it's showing very little impact on his sale. Currently, there is only 1 bidder for the comic and it has been like that for days. The bidder has bid the comic for 1 cent. 1 cent is what E-thug deserves for threatening the life of others, tracing other people's work for profit, and ignoring certain emails or comments that are against his work.

How long and how much would he risk of selling comics for only $0.01?

Kio's Old Flash Games Graphics Isn't Close To SNN's Graphics

Kio has claimed that he can draw just as good as Bullsnake or Sawao, but he was proved wrong. Kio also says that he works in an animation studio, but he has never provided any samples from his so-called "job", therefore, people caught onto his lie. Kio had developed a few terrible quality flash and I would like to show you some pictures from them and this is proof that he can't do good enough animations to work at an animation studio, nor can he even draw as good as Bullsnake or Sawao.

Amy Xtreme Adventure

This game right here has barely any moving objects moving into it and poor drawing techniques in the neck, as well as other places.

Rouge Gem's Demo

Almost like the other game, only a lot less animation movement and poor drawing techniques.

Sonic Xtreme Adventure Private Beta

This is almost just like the first game I showed you, only it has a bit more animation to it, but still poorly done.

He was starting to work on the SNN or the Station Square Nights, but had later decided to quit making it. Take note that Kio has never shown any pictures of the game process during the time in which he was working on it.

Before the announcement on his website, he announced that he let one of his friends to work on the project.
(Journal Link Here) http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/526608/

3 months later, Excito has announced to work on the SNN.
(Journal Link Here) http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/621070/

Even on Excito's site, he is basically saying that he is creating everything from game sprites to animation, and even to the music and sound effects!
(Site Link Here) http://www.excitostudios.com/ssn/

Now, here is a screenshot of the game.

Now, here's something odd about this that you need to think about. This screen shot was taken June 2008. Kio didn't go public about passing the project to Excito until November of 2008, but had given up a month or so before hand. Now, here's the big kicker out of this one. Kio has released the 3 beta crappy flash games that he had made 2 months before this image had came out!

If you compare the quality of his other games and this one, there is no way in hell that Kio could of improved that quickly in time. Heck, if you have seen his pictures months after this screen shot was taken, he wouldn't come close to draw anything like that in the screen shot. Question is why did Kio let Excito take charge of the project? Why did Excito say on his site that he had custom made the game sprites aka "the scenery, characters, etc.", even though there wasn't any announcement being made of him making the game in June of 2008? Ever since then, Kio has not created anymore new animations, nor did he even put his animation projects right on his Furaffinity site.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Have Opened Comments For My Blog

After some thought, I have officially open comments to my blog, but there are a few exceptions to this rule. Number 1, people who have a Google account can access to comment on any of my posts. Number 2, if there is any spam or anything disgusting, your comment is removed.

To comment, click on the bottom of the post that is the "comment" section.

Or, you can simply click on the post title's name to begin commenting.

An example of the comment screen.

50th Post On This Blog

This is my 50th blog entry and I am glad that 100's of people have seen this site. Many of you have continued reading about what E-thug is doing in this traced comic drama, as well as Kio's artist life of his. Ever since I have opened up this blog, I know right there that I have a long way to go to expose E-thug of what he is, as well as Kio. For that reason, I say, thank you.

I Recieved 4 Letters Ealier Today.

I have received four emails from someone that has gotten more information from E-thug. He said that he contacted him May 20th and the 21st and had wished to send it to me for this blog.

Letter he wrote to E-thug.

Response from E-thug.

Another letter wrote to E-thug.

Another response from E-thug.

So many lies packed in E-thug's letters. The letters that were sent to me is kept anonymous so that no spam or threats would go to him from E-thug.

Where Will E-Thug Go From Here?

E-thug has been trying hard and hard to try and sell his traced comics, but is unsuccessful for the past 2 or so weeks. He went to the point of creating a Youtube video just to advertise it, but yet it did little or no effect for one of his sales. Right now, E-Thug has only 3 days to sell one of his comics that he had advertised on Ebay. Currently, there is still 1 bidder for it and that bidder is going to pay either $4.01 or $6.01, depending of where he lives. If the bidding ends with him winning it for just a penny, then E-thug would really get angry and has no choice but to send it to him at that price plus shipping. If you even look at his video of the advertisement of his, there is no way of commenting or rating the video, therefore, people are going to think its a scam and won't buy into it. Youtube has many, many, many kinds of video scams and some of them have disabled ratings and comments so that people won't speak out and say that this is a scam.

If this record of sales continue to drop like this, then E-thug cannot afford to make another sequel of another traced comic. So, where will E-thug go from here? Will he put out his own money to create another comic, but with very limited supply of them? Will he move on and just forget the ordeal of never creating another traced comic again? The future is too bleak to see for him, but the rate he's going, he'll just probably give up creating anymore of the comics.

Kio Wants Access To Comments On My Blog, But Won't Allow Me Access To Comment In His Journals

A few days ago, I made a blog entry about Kio's latest journal entry, with a response. I got to thinking about what he said about me being scared of opening my comments section and stuff like that. But, there's a problem with this of course. Since Kio keeps blocking me like a immature irresponsible adult, then why would the comments need to be opened up on the blog for him anyway? I mean, he bashes me with false information, cannot come up with a cleaver response to me, and even blocks me every time I try to comment, then what's the point of opening the comments up for him? Of course he'll send in one or more of his supporters and would try to spam the comments section, if I get it opened up or probably, send himself in just to do that. However, I am deeply considering whether or not I would open the comments up, but the rules for commenting will be strict since there would be more likely spammers or Kio coming in posting immature comments.

Why Is Kio Hiding His Old Artwork?

Kio really wants to hide his old artwork from public view, so he decides to remove it all:
Link to journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/714539/

What could the old scraps be you might be wondering. Well, lucky for me, I have managed to find a post from him a 3 different links of each of his user name galleries. The link I want you to first to look is here: http://kio.hartists.net/gallery/folder/1411

Notice in comparison of his forum site, his Furaffinity gallery, and the Hartists website, they are all different when it comes to showing the pictures. Hartists is, by far, the only site that has pictures that aren't from anywhere else.

Now, on the old post that I had shown you earlier, I talked about his little fight in Hentai-Foundry. I found something interesting about of what one user said on the site and what Kio had decided to do as a poll for his website. (link to forum here) http://forums.hentai-foundry.com/viewtopic.php?t=3325&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0&sid=97bba8df365a6ab2bf72a1f12653cc61

Now, here's the poll that is listed on his site.

Majority of the people voted wants a background for his future pictures. However, there were no pictures yet of backgrounds so far that were recently made.

There was some talk about Kio had once tried drawing Amy Rose's head from the front so that he would silence his critics. Unfortunately, he removed it since he didn't do a good job on it.

Of course, I have managed to find even more pictures of his scattered onto another site


Kio also has some odd obsession of a person named Alix Henriol. Alix Henriol is the founder of "Sonic Passion", an online network of some sort and she is a really big Sonic the Hedgehog fan. (Shown here)



About his big animation project, it was never completed and was in poor quality and drawing skills so he had transferred the project to Excito, whereby have started on the project, but was never finished and probably will never will be.

Is the reason as of why he is hiding his work is because he doesn't want anyone to find out what else he had drawn?

Day 10 On Ebay, Kio Never Replied Back In Journal, And E-Thug Is Ignoring People's Comments

Since another sale was removed from the site, he only has 1 to go and that one only has 1 bid!

For the past few or so days, Kio hasn't created a single journal about me, nor did he not reply back to me in his journal. Seems like he left himself open for questions now that he created a false journal entry.

Speaking of not replying back to me, E-thug has not replied back to me on his Youtube video. Maybe he knows that I'm right about him and doesn't want to cause a bigger problem if he comments again.

I have a feeling that Kio and E-thug are reading this blog now because it seems that they are taking stuff out of this and twisting it around.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 9 For E-Thug On Ebay

There was only 1 bid for E-Thug so far and has another sale that is about to be expired.

Also, he added some more text to both of his products too.

I guess he read my blog entry of the price difference of both the Ebay site price for shipping, and how much he is asking for shipping.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 8 On Ebay, E-Thug Advertises On Youtube For Comic Bid

It's day 8 for E-thug's failed Ebay sales and guess what he's doing now?

You guessed it, made a video for advertising for his comic for sale, at a starting bid of $0.01, lasting for 6 days! What's funny about his video is that it's advertising it, with disabled comments and ratings! That means that no one wants to comment of how bad the comic is, as well as having the ratings messed with. Of course, you could flag the video for mass advertisement.

So, here is his Ebay page for today.

So, let's see how this turns out. I bet the bid's price won't be as much as what he is asking for before.