Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Could Kioworks Be Profiting For Advertising E-Thug's Tracings, In Exchange for E-Thug To Direct People To Kiowork's Site?

I pondered about that idea for a while since Kiowork's site has a banner link that directs you into E-thug's site The link is located on the right side of the other link.

Now, on E-thugs site, he has a link back to Kiowork's site, but two different internet browsers shows something different about them. Take note that Kiowork's directed banner link is located on the left of E-thug's site:


Google Chrome:

Since Kiowork's forums is nearly dead, he had to find someone that would advertise his site somewhere. So not only he did find someone that would do that, but he also found someone that is too an Amy Rose fan boy! So now, both their sites are linked into banners with each other and providing some sort of advertisement. Question is, is Kioworks getting anything out of E-thug, other than trying to promote his site? Free comic perhaps? Money? I don't know, but its fun to guess what it could be. Perhaps E-thug giving addresses Kio in exchange for Ip addresses that enter through Kio's site? You never know.

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