Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kioworks Spreading Drama All The Way To Furaffinity And F-Chan Website

Earlier today, Kioworks had created a journal entry defending E-thug.

He also started trolling into the F-chan page, along with his fellow trolls.

Weird how he is promoting this blog so well, that I'm receiving more than 400 views with over 100 unique people visiting the site in less than 24 hours!

My response to his trolling comments in F-chan:

"I only posted the link once sir so don't go flying off the handle. Your sister probably has some kind of mental problem that doesn't even come close to your own mental disorders. Like I said, you never mentioned for me to never to mention about E-thug ever again until I have created a thread that was linked to my blog and Youtube site. I only posted with one account, not two. I was not impersonating E-thug and if I was, then God help us all. Yes Kio, your the fan boy who bought the comic, not I. If I were to buy the comic, I would end up like you, which fortunately, I'm not you. But no, a mysterious person on F-chan spread his scan on the site, and of course that site is removed and replaced with this Amy Rose thread, so you have no clue what your talking about Kio. I had gotten word of someone who had scanned it, gave the links out, and all I did was uploaded to other sites and spread those links out elsewhere. Weird how E-thug isn't coming back on the site at all trying to defend his lying ass. Your making a complete ass of yourself Kio."

My response to his journal entry:

"The faces were not the only ones that were traced. Body parts and positions matched perfectly in the pictures shown throughout my blog. Correction, I have no impersonated this person in any shape or form. Suing someone for posting a death threat seems kind of odd since you can instead report them to authorities. After all, he is asking for people's addresses and then firmly admits that no one shouldn't mess with him that has your address. How can you improve yourself in your art work if your tracing all the time? Sounds hypocritical to me. And no, I will not shut up for the likes of this person going around tracing other people's work and threatening others for standing in his way. Kioworks doesn't know what copyright infringement is, nor doesn't know what the hell art is. Art is a talent and a skill, not something that you take time tracing someone else's work and claim it as art. Odd how E-thug isn't defending himself, while he is contacting you to defend him for his cowardly wrong doing. Go fap yourself to sleep Amy fan boy, for you have admitted buying the comic yourself."

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