Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Commenting On Kioworks Journals That Has To Do With Me Makes Him Really Angry

I have commented onto Kio's two recent journals, which the two journals can be found either in my blog entries or at these two links:



Now of course since it has to do all about me and no one else, then why the hate? Kio has blocked me, bashed me with false information, and haven't even said anything relevant. Let's talk about the ban, shall we? When I first commented on there about an certain forum that he was on, he starts to bash me, then, when I tried to comment again as a reply to this bashing, he blocked me. Of course, the most reasonable thing to do is to make another account, and reply back to him. I replied back to him. Without any slight information explaining his behavior, he blocks me again. I have gotten fed up with him as I was trying to converse with this guy. I had enough of it since he refuses to talk legit, he blocks me, and he refuses to correct any mistakes listed in his previous journal, not his recent one. So, I decided to fight back and retaliate of what he was trying to cover up since he refuses to admit false evidence shown in his journal. Of course, he then makes some faulty excuse that I have been spamming his forum, even though there were only 2 accounts, with 6 posts, so clearly, that wasn't spam. So, he says now that he has better things to do than to argue with me, even though he's the one that has caused all the drama. He blocks me again, so I decided to get a little aggressive seeing that he refuses to admit the mistakes written in his journal.

In his second journal, the tone from him seemed to be full of anger and distrust. He creates this journal with even more bashing and lies embedded right in the words. Of course, I have posted yet another response, but in a minimal tone than he has ever been in. Basically, the response was bigger than his whole journal he wrote.

Of course this snapshot was taken 3 hours earlier, but there hasn't been anymore responses. It had taken him about 5 hours to create a response to me. 5 hours, and you know what he typed? "Two words, "Fuck Off." That's it? That's the response? Of course, I created yet another response, with a different account because he seems to be fed up with someone who creates responses longer than his, as well as less time to type it out than he did. I suspect that he will be responding back to the journal again with another intelligent response *sarcasm*. I don't think this will be the last drama journal we will ever see from him, seeing that he had promised twice that he won't be creating anymore drama ever again. Heck, maybe someday, he'll create another drama journal and eventually remove the recent journal so that many people wouldn't have access to it. I'll wait and see what happens now. And yes, I will be responding to him if the journals have to do with me, and if he doesn't like me commenting on there, well, he should of thought twice before he created the drama on the site.

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