Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kio Wants Access To Comments On My Blog, But Won't Allow Me Access To Comment In His Journals

A few days ago, I made a blog entry about Kio's latest journal entry, with a response. I got to thinking about what he said about me being scared of opening my comments section and stuff like that. But, there's a problem with this of course. Since Kio keeps blocking me like a immature irresponsible adult, then why would the comments need to be opened up on the blog for him anyway? I mean, he bashes me with false information, cannot come up with a cleaver response to me, and even blocks me every time I try to comment, then what's the point of opening the comments up for him? Of course he'll send in one or more of his supporters and would try to spam the comments section, if I get it opened up or probably, send himself in just to do that. However, I am deeply considering whether or not I would open the comments up, but the rules for commenting will be strict since there would be more likely spammers or Kio coming in posting immature comments.

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