Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Inner Web Of People Involved

E-thug, or known as TC (The Creator), or known as Balogh Zoltan has been working with Kioworks for many years. Kioworks is the man who have created the site Kioworks and is too an artist, but a desperate artist he is. Kioworks is the same age as E-thug and was always interested in E-thugs work, regardless of all the tracing that he has done. Kioworks is known as a fan boy for Amy Rose pictures. He does draw some and even makes a few flash games that is shared on his forums site. E-thug lives with a person named Attila Zoltan, possibly either a father figure, cousin, or even a brother. There is very little known about Attila Zoltan, but he has indeed provided financial support to E-thug in some way.

When I first entered the forums of Kioworks and have broadcast about the download, he was outraged from this and had removed the links to the site. Of course, he had sent me a message afterward, which I couldn't get to still since he had banned my false IP address. Lucky for me, I created another IP address.

Kio has this obsession of Amy Rose so much, that he would do anything to try and punish those who undermine him and his rules. I sent him a message to him, but he has refused to reply, seeing that if he were to give my false IP address to him, which wouldn't do any good since it will lead him to somewhere that isn't even remotely located. On the same forum that I had posted on, the supporters of Kioworks and E-thug screamed bloody murder that I have been giving links for download of the comic.

The picture with the post above Hipolla, is just one of the guys protecting him, as well as talking to him through the Youtube channel. Of course, he is still unable to respond from me. I wonder why he called me a Spanish kid for? Anyway, now afterward, Kioworks joins in and starts assuming that I said that his work was a piece of crap to begin with in the thread, but I haven't even stated it until I opened this blog, which was about weeks after this thread was even made. Same as E-thugs video, it was created and he also assumed that I was trying to make everyone stay away from his project, even though my blog wasn't even up and my Youtube videos didn't show any signs of making people from staying away from his project. Seems like that I'm not the only one going after him I guess. Kioworks also has a shout box and this is proof that he indeed knows every IP of people entering the site. Take note that there were only 2 accounts made, but only 3 threads made on 1 account:

Of course, I have created a thread and guess who is the one that responds to it first?

I'll answer it right here. For one thing, he shouldn't have sympathy for tracing other people's works and then create a death threat to not only me, but of people who had bought the comic as well. This person has their addresses and he would make a big mistake if he were to try and kill one of them for something like this. There is no mission, but to show the truth of what E-thug is doing and wants to try to do to his opposition. E-thugs purpose is to trace, color, and sell for profit and then keeping addresses on those who bought his products and would highly likely to use them in the near future. No, I have never heard of that term, but that doesn't apply to E-thug in any way. So what if he did trace some drawings you say! Well, consider this! It's called stealing other people's work for profit, or known as COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, WHICH IS ILLEGAL! If you can't look that one up, please Google it. There is also an article about an example of this with Disney.

"O'Neill was so eager to be sued by Disney that he had copies of Air Pirates Funnies smuggled into a Walt Disney Company board meeting by the son of a board member. By late 1971, he got his wish as Disney filed a lawsuit alleging, among other things, copyright infringement, trademark infringement and unfair competition against O'Neill, Hallgren, London and Richards (Flenniken had not contributed to the parody stories). Disney later added Turner's name to the suit. The Pirates, in turn, claimed that the parody was fair use.

Accurately telling the story of Disney's lawsuit against the Air Pirates is difficult, due to the conflicting memories of the litigants; however, it is fair to say that all through the lawsuit, O'Neill was defiant. The initial decision by Judge Wollenberg in the California District Court, delivered on July 7, 1972, went against the Air Pirates, and O'Neill's lawyers appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. O'Neill suggested the other Pirates settle, and leave him to defend the case alone. Hallgren and Turner settled with Disney, but London and Richards decided to continue fighting. To raise money for the Air Pirates Defense Fund, O'Neill and other underground cartoonists began selling original artwork—predominantly of Disney characters—at comic conventions."

Article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Pirates

And for the last part, art is an activity that you practice and practice to do and eventually get better at it over time. That hard work and dedication is from tracing other Sonic Hentai Artist work, like SonicDash and Furry Bombs, and they have been PRACTICING for years to draw as good as they do, and they don't rely tracing other people's work and selling it off like cheap art. I know what an artist feels and does. I have been taking various forms of art classes and have done various of different art techniques so I know what's art and what is just pure tracing. Hell, I'm not much of an adult artist, but I know the way around different ways into drawing various shapes, sizes, etc and have been practicing for years! So please, step outside to the real world and try figuring out what a real artist does, not assume what someone, like the E-thug, makes you believe in.

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