Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where Will E-Thug Go From Here?

E-thug has been trying hard and hard to try and sell his traced comics, but is unsuccessful for the past 2 or so weeks. He went to the point of creating a Youtube video just to advertise it, but yet it did little or no effect for one of his sales. Right now, E-Thug has only 3 days to sell one of his comics that he had advertised on Ebay. Currently, there is still 1 bidder for it and that bidder is going to pay either $4.01 or $6.01, depending of where he lives. If the bidding ends with him winning it for just a penny, then E-thug would really get angry and has no choice but to send it to him at that price plus shipping. If you even look at his video of the advertisement of his, there is no way of commenting or rating the video, therefore, people are going to think its a scam and won't buy into it. Youtube has many, many, many kinds of video scams and some of them have disabled ratings and comments so that people won't speak out and say that this is a scam.

If this record of sales continue to drop like this, then E-thug cannot afford to make another sequel of another traced comic. So, where will E-thug go from here? Will he put out his own money to create another comic, but with very limited supply of them? Will he move on and just forget the ordeal of never creating another traced comic again? The future is too bleak to see for him, but the rate he's going, he'll just probably give up creating anymore of the comics.

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