Thursday, June 4, 2009

E-Thug Says That Watching Humans Having Sex Is Stupid And Disgusting, But Created A Comic That Involved The Same Sexual Practices As Humans?

I looked into part of his site and found a funny thing that he had wrote:

In the 7th paragraph down, he says,
"In case you think this is gay and sick, then why are you here? Do not ever watch real porn, because watching real, unknown people having sex is at least this stupid and disgusting... I mean... right...?"

Here is what I would like to say:
"Why would it be sick to watch the same species of animal having sex with one with another, even though your the same species that had created a comic that involves the same sexual positions as any human would do? Of course you mention that they are unknown people having the sex, but aren't your tracings of the characters unreal and unknown for many people? You have been warped into this Amy Rose fan hood for so long, that you don't realize that your criticizing human sexual practices, even though your traced comic is showing the same exact human sexual practices. I guess your not the "type" that would want to produce a offspring, but more likely the species that dies off by mere stupidity."

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