Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 10 On Ebay, Kio Never Replied Back In Journal, And E-Thug Is Ignoring People's Comments

Since another sale was removed from the site, he only has 1 to go and that one only has 1 bid!

For the past few or so days, Kio hasn't created a single journal about me, nor did he not reply back to me in his journal. Seems like he left himself open for questions now that he created a false journal entry.

Speaking of not replying back to me, E-thug has not replied back to me on his Youtube video. Maybe he knows that I'm right about him and doesn't want to cause a bigger problem if he comments again.

I have a feeling that Kio and E-thug are reading this blog now because it seems that they are taking stuff out of this and twisting it around.

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