Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why Is Kio Hiding His Old Artwork?

Kio really wants to hide his old artwork from public view, so he decides to remove it all:
Link to journal:

What could the old scraps be you might be wondering. Well, lucky for me, I have managed to find a post from him a 3 different links of each of his user name galleries. The link I want you to first to look is here:

Notice in comparison of his forum site, his Furaffinity gallery, and the Hartists website, they are all different when it comes to showing the pictures. Hartists is, by far, the only site that has pictures that aren't from anywhere else.

Now, on the old post that I had shown you earlier, I talked about his little fight in Hentai-Foundry. I found something interesting about of what one user said on the site and what Kio had decided to do as a poll for his website. (link to forum here)

Now, here's the poll that is listed on his site.

Majority of the people voted wants a background for his future pictures. However, there were no pictures yet of backgrounds so far that were recently made.

There was some talk about Kio had once tried drawing Amy Rose's head from the front so that he would silence his critics. Unfortunately, he removed it since he didn't do a good job on it.

Of course, I have managed to find even more pictures of his scattered onto another site

Kio also has some odd obsession of a person named Alix Henriol. Alix Henriol is the founder of "Sonic Passion", an online network of some sort and she is a really big Sonic the Hedgehog fan. (Shown here)

About his big animation project, it was never completed and was in poor quality and drawing skills so he had transferred the project to Excito, whereby have started on the project, but was never finished and probably will never will be.

Is the reason as of why he is hiding his work is because he doesn't want anyone to find out what else he had drawn?

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