Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kioworks Forum Has Been Removed

Today, Kiowork's forum has been completly removed. (link to site)

There was a hint from someone that said that his forums would be shut down, as well as his pictures and website.

The website and pictures, however, are still up, but its more likely to be taken down. I probably suspect that his journal entries will be taken down as well.

Kio later makes a statment in the Fchan board.

Publicly proclaims on the Fchan board first and not Furaffinity, Kio has (I hardly doubt it) decided to never again draw anymore Hentai porn. I still think that Kio holds a grudge on me after the fact that not to long ago, he was blocking me because I was stating a response on his journal. He also thinks that someone had reported his site due to pornagraphic materials, however, there isn't anything in the policy that saids that porn material isn't allow. Question is, why did one of the people on there said that his site will be removed as well as his pictures, but so far, only his forum was removed? So, what is next for Kio now that his forum is shut down?

Right now, Kio is offically removing his journal enteries, and probably eventually his pictures on the Furaffinity site.

The good news is that the important journals that he had up before he took them down has been saved, as well as his pictures that he will most likey to remove.

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