Monday, June 8, 2009

Kio Promises This Would Be His Last Drama Journal, But That's Highly Unlikely

Yesterday, Kio had published a journal entry of his saying that this would be his last journal entry that has to do with anymore Drama. Of course, he said a few months ago or so that he won't be causing anymore drama in the past, and yet continued it. So, here is the journal entry of his here just in case if he decides to later "modify or erase it" like he did with a few of his old journals.

Here is my response to this journal:

"You said that I have been complaining about having various death threats, even though there was only one death threat that was given to me and of E-thugs customers and nothing more, unless you probably know someone that has been making death threats to me without me even noticing it. I havn't stalked anyone by that matter so no, I have never met you or E-thug in person so that is beyond irrelevant. This bashing people nonsense and is taken out of context. So, by stating the truth, its considered bashing and stalking? Your the one that has been bashing various people, like the people in that Hentai Foundry forum because you can't accept the fact that you have constructive criticism. So no, the death threat wasn't caused by so-called stalking or bashing you. So, your saying that it seems that I complain to have multiple death threats, while I stalk and bash people is an oxymoron? How the hell is that an oxymoron? Let me give you a dose of reality of what an oxymoron is. YOU MUST USE TWO WORDS for an oxymoron that is like a paradox, which is NOT completed. An example would be "I received a death threat, but I'm not threatening others." Clearly, you don't know what the hell an oxymoron is, so that comment right there was irrelevant. Next time, try figure out the truth and then try to learn how to use an oxymoron because that example of yours right there wasn't even close!

"Correction on the forum, you were saying that you can draw just as good as some of the artists listed in your posts, then when someone or some people say that you can't, then you fly off the handle and start a bunch of trouble with them. Then, you tried giving constructive criticism to someone else's artwork, which they didn't take it well because you advised them to try a different style. And yes, your tone was indeed aggressive. If you wanted to apologize, why not do that on that same website that you had done the aggression on instead of doing it on Furaffinity? Well, maybe they are calling you names because you started to use aggression on them."

"Lolicon and child porn are indeed very similar, but only one of them are illegal sadly. If all Lolicon were illegal, then that would be indeed a good thing. I didn't really say much of any connection of you and drawing Lolicon as I didn't know that you use to draw that. I did, however, mention that you wanted to make a Lolicon animation of some sort, according to your old journal. No, I don't care whatever I get my hands on, as long as it is accurate information, and no, I am not desperate for any of it. No, I believe that Lolicon is, by far, the sickest kind of thing that you can ever draw or even produce in that matter. Drawings like this influence some people into being pedophiles and I don't like it one bit. Now, it doesn't mean that all people that look at it turns into a pedophile, but there are some people who would probably do it if they have the opportunity, and that is just sick. Why are you on such a guilt trip anyway? Guilty conscience perhaps?"

"Now, I didn't say that was you in that icon picture. I said that someone on that site said that this was you. It could be various of different people. I have numerously called you a "he" in this blog, not a "she", and I know that your not a girl, believe me."

"I'm not commenting on that fungus story."

"So, why bother linking to my blog when it shows some things that you don't actually want to admit, and then mix things up in your two journals that some things aren't actually true? Most of the traffic that I'm getting isn't from your previous journal. It's more like 5-10%. I didn't spam your thread, and I only posted 4-5 times on 2 threads. Here's the reason as of why I don't have comments on my blog. There can be various of links, spam, etc. put in my blog that I don't want in there, causing a lot of cluttering in the site. Of course, I'm thinking about opening the comments up to only those who has a Blogspot account, and not to anonymous people, since they can have the advantage of simply posting unlimited stuff without anyone noticing who they are. In fact, I have never once had any comments going through this blog when I first had this blog opened. No, I'm not afraid of anyone trying to bash me, I'm just using common sense in case if anyone would spam it. Clearly, you barely did any bashing on me for some odd reason. No, I'm not doing that for propaganda, and just as I said above, that is the reasons why the comments are not up, but like I said, I'm thinking about opening the comments up."

"Sadly for you Kio, I do have a life, a great life as a matter of fact. I didn't say that I bought his comic at all."

"As for promising to not to make anymore drama journals, I highly doubt that would even happen, since you promised that twice already."

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