Thursday, June 4, 2009

Address In Exchange For PayPal Address

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog entries about E-thug and having addresses that could be a threat to the customers, I would like to discuss about his Paypal address with you.

See, the Paypal address he mentions on his site isn't really a address at all, but sort of a online banking account. Interesting about Paypal is that you can create another account! That's right, you can actually make another account. Of course he wouldn't be broadcasting the Paypal account on his site, but there was a Paypal account located on a few pages of Amy Untold (2008).

Of course, he could already created another one in fear of someone finding out what it is and who knows what could happen. Here's an interesting thing about Paypal. When your Paypal account gets disabled permanently, you cannot retrieve the money in the account ever again, and Paypal will keep that money for themselves. Would that be funny if his Paypal account would of been disabled for some reason?

Somebody on F-chan mentioned about the Paypal account policy.

He hears that they would freeze your account if you use it to sell porn with. And then mentions about some artist on Furaffinity mentioning to his customers. Of course, I havn't seen any Paypal accounts spread all over the place there so that could be the reason. After all, it might be a reason as of why E-thug is hiding this from everyone, in fear of freezing or permantly disabling his Paypal account.

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