Monday, June 15, 2009

Kio's Old Flash Games Graphics Isn't Close To SNN's Graphics

Kio has claimed that he can draw just as good as Bullsnake or Sawao, but he was proved wrong. Kio also says that he works in an animation studio, but he has never provided any samples from his so-called "job", therefore, people caught onto his lie. Kio had developed a few terrible quality flash and I would like to show you some pictures from them and this is proof that he can't do good enough animations to work at an animation studio, nor can he even draw as good as Bullsnake or Sawao.

Amy Xtreme Adventure

This game right here has barely any moving objects moving into it and poor drawing techniques in the neck, as well as other places.

Rouge Gem's Demo

Almost like the other game, only a lot less animation movement and poor drawing techniques.

Sonic Xtreme Adventure Private Beta

This is almost just like the first game I showed you, only it has a bit more animation to it, but still poorly done.

He was starting to work on the SNN or the Station Square Nights, but had later decided to quit making it. Take note that Kio has never shown any pictures of the game process during the time in which he was working on it.

Before the announcement on his website, he announced that he let one of his friends to work on the project.
(Journal Link Here)

3 months later, Excito has announced to work on the SNN.
(Journal Link Here)

Even on Excito's site, he is basically saying that he is creating everything from game sprites to animation, and even to the music and sound effects!
(Site Link Here)

Now, here is a screenshot of the game.

Now, here's something odd about this that you need to think about. This screen shot was taken June 2008. Kio didn't go public about passing the project to Excito until November of 2008, but had given up a month or so before hand. Now, here's the big kicker out of this one. Kio has released the 3 beta crappy flash games that he had made 2 months before this image had came out!

If you compare the quality of his other games and this one, there is no way in hell that Kio could of improved that quickly in time. Heck, if you have seen his pictures months after this screen shot was taken, he wouldn't come close to draw anything like that in the screen shot. Question is why did Kio let Excito take charge of the project? Why did Excito say on his site that he had custom made the game sprites aka "the scenery, characters, etc.", even though there wasn't any announcement being made of him making the game in June of 2008? Ever since then, Kio has not created anymore new animations, nor did he even put his animation projects right on his Furaffinity site.


  1. the games kio released on FA of the poor quality were actually some years old by the time they were released, and matches his artstyle of that time period. I don't know why it would be that hard to follow that. Furthermore, Kio and Excito have different styles which are distinguishable from each other if you know what to look for.

  2. It use to been on his website, but of course he shut it down.

  3. does anyone now if another site has this game