Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kioworks Is Trying To Distance Himself From His Past

I thought, "what the heck, if he linked something of mine in his journal without my permission, of course I don't really care, then why not link something of his in his journal through his comments too?" So, I did and here's his response.

If they all know, then why aren't they showing any disrespect in his comments in his journal?

Since the systems are temporarily down for making accounts and I can't type anymore info in there since he blocked me like a coward, I'll write the response here for him.

"Kio, telling me that I don't have a life is hypocritical, as you don't have a life by the actions you are continuing to follow. Sleeping with a Amy Rose plushy doll instead of your girlfriend, refusing to go on a date with her due to these "headaches", posting links in your old journals of various porn sites, like places to buy sex toys and other various things; and many other things are the result of you not having a life Kio. So, by looking at this and comparing it to myself, I'm thankful that I'm not you. Hell, you being about 24 and all really is sad, and I'm even younger than you! How about you do yourself a favor Kio, and get a life because practicing drawing Hentai for 14 years has not only not help you through improvement of drawing, but it also shows that you don't have a life outside of your own home. Grow up and find a REAL job, and no, your own talent won't help you through this economy."

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