Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Hasn't E-Thug Made A Single Video That Proves Anything He Says Is True

E-Thug hasn't made a single video proving of what he says. He says things like "I'm a fake" and stuff like that. But the question is, "What do you mean I'm a fake"? He recently made annotations in all of his videos.

Now, lets look at his Youtube profile again.

Here's my response to it.
"Why are you calling me a faker for? You give no reason what so ever as of why I am a faker. Of course, I am not an under aged asshole at all. In fact, I'm older than you think. Why did you say that I was the one that bought your comic, even though I didn't at all, and then telling me that I am some 16 year old? Does that mean that you have mysterious given out your comics to 16 year old kids or something? Explain the video that you had made of calling me some 16 year old, but in fact that I am much older than that. I doubt that your next comic will show any value of all to your traced comic series. If you would to somehow pull off the process of making another comic, then its just going to be yet another traced comic, with repeated stuff, just like the first and second comic. So, later on you say that basically, people won't be able to get the next issue until they buy into your comics. How can you say that if you had mentioned that you will be creating teasers and things like that for the so-called next comic series? I doubt that this comic would sell out. I mean, you have about 33 comics to so before you could sell out and you have already sold your first comic this month, not counting April or May. My final response to you is, back up your information, clarify of what your meaning by me being 16 and assuming that I bought your comic, even though I never have, and stop being a coward."

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