Sunday, September 27, 2009

Created A Video In Reponse Of E-Thugs Attempts, No Reply From Him As Usual

After creating a video to try and see if he would respond with another video of his that wouldn't be in any relevance, like the House and the fish sticks bs he had in one of his old videos. Of course it's been a few days now and he's still not responding back in any way. Of course if I were try to email him or contact him through his Youtube page, he refuses to respond, as well as commenting in some of his old videos in the past. I can see why his customers are leaving his sales in the dust.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

E-Thug Stating The Models Are For Non-Hentai Purposes Only, His Website Says Otherwise

Remember in his video descriptions regarding the models are going to be used in Non-Hentai purposes and that they don't have nude body parts?

His website states and shows otherwise.

So why isn't he stating that he is creating both Hentai and Non-Hentai models in his video descriptions? Why did he keep those two separate for?

Friday, September 25, 2009

E-Thug Asking For Donations....Again?

Before he had started tracing and publishing the Amy Untold Finally comic, he had use to ask for donations from various people in order to have enough money to start to work on the comics and create copies to sell on Ebay, thereby selling the comics onto Ebay to earn more of a higher profit. Because that I have exposed him of what he is, as well as uploading the comic online, his sales had plummeted and then he told many of his customers that if they don't buy his leftover comics, he won't be able to create the next comic in the Amy Untold Series. Of course, that didn't work so he's now, for some reason, not advertising his Hentai content on Youtube anymore, except for the links to the site and the background image of his Youtube page. Now, take a look at this.

He is now asking Donations again for so-called "non-Hentai art." His Paypal is still the same as the one he used for wanting people to pay him directly to that account in order to pay for the comic, but of course, there were no refunds for the comics. In the past, he use to have an old PayPal account that was used for donations and the account username was KOHEGYIGABOR@ICEDSL.HU. Question is, what happened to this account?

It is obvious that he would instead use the donated money to start creating that new traced comic that he didn't have the money for during the time when he was selling Amy Untold Finally. I remember how he had use to create videos about me, regarding his traced comics. He refuses to respond to me, unless if I have an unknown alias email and name.

More New Videos Made By E-Thug

Hello everyone! More news regarding E-thug and his false content.

In part of the discription, it reads,
"If you are not interested in hentai stuff, or in especially Sonic hentai, or you may really hate it, I JUST DON'T F*CKIN' CARE ABOUT THAT you know. Nobody said you have to visit that website, and if you did, you are a freakin perv, shame on you."

It's kind of ironic that he doesn't care about sonic hentai, even though he created a traced comic from other hentai artists to sell it off to people, as well as being friends with a notorious Amy Rose hentai fan boy, Kioworks. Why would he link the site in the description, as well as in his channel? The site clearly has hentai in it. So he calls them a perv just because they click a link to his site that has Hentai scattered in certain places, and claims that he doesn't care about it, even though he's been advertising that traced comic for months, and clearly it failed because of it.

If he doesn't care for Hentai, why does he have the background of his failed traced comic that he was trying to sell to anyone, including underage children? (larger background image below)

Check out what the top left part of the page says.

He marks his signature as 'TC' or 'The Creator.' Clearly, he wasn't the creator of the drawings, just the tracer basically. His actual name is Balogh Zoltan, and he's a 24-year-old man from Budapest, Hungary. Of course his real name was known for quite a while now, and there is more information than that I have told you.

He also 'tweaked' his profile description just a bit too.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

E-Thug Created More Videos, Still Nothing For Sale On His Ebay

Yes, I am back. Since E-Thug was creating very little activity, I decided to put off posting entries for a while. Let's begin of the activity that he has recently made.

First off, he had created a few new videos regarding of this so-called 'game content' that he says that he was creating a few months ago, but had later decided to not work on the game anymore.

Now, read the description of one of his videos below:

Notice the "non-hentai douijinshi" thing he had posted? And why is he sending it to SEGA for future use? And why is he so upset regarding him liking Hentai, even though he spent his whole time creating Sonic Hentai comics?

I'm probably guessing one of three things had made him be like this. Either he either been confronted by the author(s) of the artists that their content was stolen and used by E-Thug for money purposes and no credit given to them, his country had investigated into him selling illegal non-censored Sonic Hentai, or he has given up on creating anymore Hentai. Of course, two out of the three possible answers could be the reason why.

There has been absolutely no sales or anything to be sold on his Ebay account since late July.

Also, don't try his suggestion to the '3D effect' because it doesn't work or you'll hurt your eyes. Instead, use '3D glasses' in order to see the '3d effect' and then use a program to make one part of the screen more blueish than red and the other half more redish than blue.