Friday, September 25, 2009

More New Videos Made By E-Thug

Hello everyone! More news regarding E-thug and his false content.

In part of the discription, it reads,
"If you are not interested in hentai stuff, or in especially Sonic hentai, or you may really hate it, I JUST DON'T F*CKIN' CARE ABOUT THAT you know. Nobody said you have to visit that website, and if you did, you are a freakin perv, shame on you."

It's kind of ironic that he doesn't care about sonic hentai, even though he created a traced comic from other hentai artists to sell it off to people, as well as being friends with a notorious Amy Rose hentai fan boy, Kioworks. Why would he link the site in the description, as well as in his channel? The site clearly has hentai in it. So he calls them a perv just because they click a link to his site that has Hentai scattered in certain places, and claims that he doesn't care about it, even though he's been advertising that traced comic for months, and clearly it failed because of it.

If he doesn't care for Hentai, why does he have the background of his failed traced comic that he was trying to sell to anyone, including underage children? (larger background image below)

Check out what the top left part of the page says.

He marks his signature as 'TC' or 'The Creator.' Clearly, he wasn't the creator of the drawings, just the tracer basically. His actual name is Balogh Zoltan, and he's a 24-year-old man from Budapest, Hungary. Of course his real name was known for quite a while now, and there is more information than that I have told you.

He also 'tweaked' his profile description just a bit too.


  1. Dude, I think he was saying that he doesn't care about people who are not interested into hentai or even hate it. Those who fell to tell him how bad hentai is. He's still a hentai lover. TC just don't want to hear complains about smut. O:

  2. I see. At first I thought he was trying to distance himself from the Hentai in order for other people to help give him donations, otherwise no one would give him money just to create Hentai. I know for a fact that his sales are dropping and he is in need of money in order to start creating the next traced comic issue. He already stated that he spent almost all of his money on creating copies of the Amy Untold Finally comic.