Sunday, September 6, 2009

E-Thug Created More Videos, Still Nothing For Sale On His Ebay

Yes, I am back. Since E-Thug was creating very little activity, I decided to put off posting entries for a while. Let's begin of the activity that he has recently made.

First off, he had created a few new videos regarding of this so-called 'game content' that he says that he was creating a few months ago, but had later decided to not work on the game anymore.

Now, read the description of one of his videos below:

Notice the "non-hentai douijinshi" thing he had posted? And why is he sending it to SEGA for future use? And why is he so upset regarding him liking Hentai, even though he spent his whole time creating Sonic Hentai comics?

I'm probably guessing one of three things had made him be like this. Either he either been confronted by the author(s) of the artists that their content was stolen and used by E-Thug for money purposes and no credit given to them, his country had investigated into him selling illegal non-censored Sonic Hentai, or he has given up on creating anymore Hentai. Of course, two out of the three possible answers could be the reason why.

There has been absolutely no sales or anything to be sold on his Ebay account since late July.

Also, don't try his suggestion to the '3D effect' because it doesn't work or you'll hurt your eyes. Instead, use '3D glasses' in order to see the '3d effect' and then use a program to make one part of the screen more blueish than red and the other half more redish than blue.

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