Sunday, November 29, 2009

E-Thug Finally Opens The Comments, Subscribers, And Friend's Listing Pages On Youtube

Take a look.

Now why would he open all this up all of a sudden?

Also, one of his videos was flagged and now needs verification of age to see it. That just prooves that he was lying about suggestive sexual content that he is showing.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

E-Thug Edits His Youtube Profile Again, Saying That His New Content Is Not Hentai

Here is the edited page

Here is the zoomed-in version of the updated profile.

Girl fans? You expect us to believe that your content is for girls? Look at the the traced Amy Untold comics! Are they for girls? No. And you keep denying that this isn't Hentai, but it's still Hentai with all of the sexual themes in the images that you've provided.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Looking Deeper Into E-Thug's Video Discription

I've decided to look more into the discription box regarding his video, and dissect any information that needs to be covered.

First, this is technically a "Hentai project" due to the suggestive sexual themes in it still, like these photos for example that was being played throughout the video.

The best techniques that you can offer are only tracing other people's work, coloring, and shading. That's it, end of story.

So now you want people to decided what they want to buy, even though they aren't even printed out and ready to be sent out yet?

So wait a minute, if someone orders starting on December first, you would be printing the calender on quote, "your money?" Now how in the hell are you going to make a profit off of that?
As for the comic thing, yeah it was a big giveaway months before you finally gave up hope regarding your failing profit sales. Yet is a big understatement regarding receiving more profit money, seeing that you have failed selling it on Ebay, and then deciding to sell it on a non-protective site for selling things without a return policy. Of course you never accepted a return policy on Ebay anyway.

E-Thug Creates Another Video, Shows Pictures, Changes Youtube Profile, Website Update, And More

E-Thug created a video regarding his new traced sketches for his 2010 calendar.

He then bluntly puts in his description of his video that this isn't a Hentai project. Of course, in the past he NEVER created a non-Hentai project regarding the sonic characters. He instead traced other Hentai artists' work and placed them in his cheap comic, to try and sell it off to anyone.

Here are the pictures that came with in the video. I'll check sooner or later to see if there is anymore "tracing" of his.

Speaking of selling his traced comic, guess where he is selling the comic at now? Yep, PayPal. Freaking ridiculous. Now once that person buys that comic, they won't be able to return it as a refund. There is so much of lacking information now regarding selling his comic. He already took down his advertisement for his comic so now what is left is selling something that has barely any reference to looking at it, except for my blog of course, including of where to download it.

Speaking of downloads, here is the stats of the visits and visitors ever since the first day that I had uploaded the comic on

He posts some news about him creating a calender for 2010. Of course what is the freaking need of a calender? Of course he states that it isn't Hentai, but instead its more of a "softcore" Hentai, which would be revealing small sexual acts, with little or no clothes on. Wasn't he saying a while back that he was designing a cover to help conceal the comic for the buyer of having a Hentai comic to prevent from someone in their family to discover them?

He also changed around his profile information slightly.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

E-Thug Takes Out Re-Made Amy Rose Picture Model From Website

Remeber when E-Thug first published his so-called "models" on his website for everyone to see?

When he revamped the site, he had taken out the Amy Rose model.

Now why would he do that? Could it be that I was on to something regarding his models being copyrighted infringed? Is the model screwed up and is now poorly made?

Kio Keeps Returning To HentaiGroup Forums, Looking For Hentai

He seems to be logging in and out almost everyday now, looking for Hentai. He probably has nothing better else to do, except for looking at Hentai.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kioworks Returning Again, Old Drama Journal Revealed!

His fans seems to be wondering where Kio had went to. Looks like he's logging in and out on the HentaiGroup Fourm, downloading Hentai as usual.

Here is one of his old drama journals that I had found on Hentai Foundry.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Comments To E-Thug's Journal Entries

So E-thug is out of energy of creating the models. The problem with him of sending his so-called "work" is that its both not a custom idea and that the content is ripped off from other sonic Hentai artists. There isn't any pictures to be seen anywhere regarding his traced sketches, but he's setting up an auction for the traced work. Donating to him won't give you or anyone else anything. I hardly doubt that he has a very low performance machine, seeing that a paint program wouldn't be able to have layers to create in order to copy the content. And wouldn't he also have a drawing tablet hooked up to this PC to trace this content?

Here again, he mentions about being tired of creating 3D stuff. Even if the characters are rigged, what sort of game engine would it be in? Halo? Half Life? The characters being rigged can go so far to be some game engines and not all. He then goes on and wanting people to donate to him in order to have been keep on working on the 3D stuff. The demo is short, crappy, and didn't last long. There was barely any movement in the video. Now he states that he is working hard on creating the models, but didn't he mention earlier that he was getting tired of it and then was going to draw the stuff instead?

He shows pictures of him packing up his traced comic. Pathetic.

He created a new website domain because he finally caught-on with the viruses on his website. His "" is linked to the same website "" He'll probably will delete his " website"

Ordering by mail would give him even more of an opportunity to keep track of each of his customers. After all, he did created death threats to me and his customers. Giving him someone's mailing address would be the last thing people would want to give to him.