Monday, November 2, 2009

My Comments To E-Thug's Journal Entries

So E-thug is out of energy of creating the models. The problem with him of sending his so-called "work" is that its both not a custom idea and that the content is ripped off from other sonic Hentai artists. There isn't any pictures to be seen anywhere regarding his traced sketches, but he's setting up an auction for the traced work. Donating to him won't give you or anyone else anything. I hardly doubt that he has a very low performance machine, seeing that a paint program wouldn't be able to have layers to create in order to copy the content. And wouldn't he also have a drawing tablet hooked up to this PC to trace this content?

Here again, he mentions about being tired of creating 3D stuff. Even if the characters are rigged, what sort of game engine would it be in? Halo? Half Life? The characters being rigged can go so far to be some game engines and not all. He then goes on and wanting people to donate to him in order to have been keep on working on the 3D stuff. The demo is short, crappy, and didn't last long. There was barely any movement in the video. Now he states that he is working hard on creating the models, but didn't he mention earlier that he was getting tired of it and then was going to draw the stuff instead?

He shows pictures of him packing up his traced comic. Pathetic.

He created a new website domain because he finally caught-on with the viruses on his website. His "" is linked to the same website "" He'll probably will delete his " website"

Ordering by mail would give him even more of an opportunity to keep track of each of his customers. After all, he did created death threats to me and his customers. Giving him someone's mailing address would be the last thing people would want to give to him.

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