Friday, November 13, 2009

E-Thug Creates Another Video, Shows Pictures, Changes Youtube Profile, Website Update, And More

E-Thug created a video regarding his new traced sketches for his 2010 calendar.

He then bluntly puts in his description of his video that this isn't a Hentai project. Of course, in the past he NEVER created a non-Hentai project regarding the sonic characters. He instead traced other Hentai artists' work and placed them in his cheap comic, to try and sell it off to anyone.

Here are the pictures that came with in the video. I'll check sooner or later to see if there is anymore "tracing" of his.

Speaking of selling his traced comic, guess where he is selling the comic at now? Yep, PayPal. Freaking ridiculous. Now once that person buys that comic, they won't be able to return it as a refund. There is so much of lacking information now regarding selling his comic. He already took down his advertisement for his comic so now what is left is selling something that has barely any reference to looking at it, except for my blog of course, including of where to download it.

Speaking of downloads, here is the stats of the visits and visitors ever since the first day that I had uploaded the comic on

He posts some news about him creating a calender for 2010. Of course what is the freaking need of a calender? Of course he states that it isn't Hentai, but instead its more of a "softcore" Hentai, which would be revealing small sexual acts, with little or no clothes on. Wasn't he saying a while back that he was designing a cover to help conceal the comic for the buyer of having a Hentai comic to prevent from someone in their family to discover them?

He also changed around his profile information slightly.

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