Friday, November 13, 2009

Looking Deeper Into E-Thug's Video Discription

I've decided to look more into the discription box regarding his video, and dissect any information that needs to be covered.

First, this is technically a "Hentai project" due to the suggestive sexual themes in it still, like these photos for example that was being played throughout the video.

The best techniques that you can offer are only tracing other people's work, coloring, and shading. That's it, end of story.

So now you want people to decided what they want to buy, even though they aren't even printed out and ready to be sent out yet?

So wait a minute, if someone orders starting on December first, you would be printing the calender on quote, "your money?" Now how in the hell are you going to make a profit off of that?
As for the comic thing, yeah it was a big giveaway months before you finally gave up hope regarding your failing profit sales. Yet is a big understatement regarding receiving more profit money, seeing that you have failed selling it on Ebay, and then deciding to sell it on a non-protective site for selling things without a return policy. Of course you never accepted a return policy on Ebay anyway.

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