Monday, June 22, 2009

Kio will be coming back sooner than you think

Kio had announced a couple days ago that he decided that he will quit drawing hentai/porn. After that, he has taken down most of his journals, changed the website around completely, and left a final message on the Furaffinity page. Strange thing is, he says that he will keep his gallery up on the Furaffinity website. I don't think he'll be gone for long because of many reasons. First, he is still continuing to favorite Amy Rose hentai in his account, keeping his gallery up, had drawn for 14+ years, his website isn't shut down, but more like changed, and even still has an obsession with Amy Rose. The reason why he erased most of those journals is because it involved mostly of his personal life or something against me with false information. By erasing this and probably wait for a few months for all of this to blow over, he would have an opportunity to come back. Right now, he's just building drama with his supporters so that they would give into him and eventually, he'll proclaim that he returns to draw again, as well as writing a few journals about it.

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