Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Of E-Thug's Comments On His Youtube Channel

I was browsing through the comments and found some humorous ones that I would like to share with you all.

So one user comments of how sick it is for him to make Amy Hentai.

E-Thug comes out and says things that makes him look like an complete ass. First up, he mentions that he loves a fictional furry character, which proves that he is single. Then he mentions about the quality of his pictures are not decent enough because he doesn't have a job. So he's single, has no job, and doesn't go to college. He then states that everyone helps him out and he helps them out to make them happy. In reality, not everyone helped him out and the ones that did help out just want something to fap to and wouldn't give a rat's ass about the tracing author. E-Thug creates some irony in the next part, saying that the guy doesn't have better things to do than to leave a comment, even though E-Thugs doesn't have better things than tracing Sonic Hentai. His comment of trying to disgrace him backfired completely. I'm not surprised that E-Thug blocked the guy so that he wouldn't make a terrific comeback toward E-Thug's stupid comment.

Here is another comment that I found from him. I find it funny that people think that there is no cure in being upsets in porn. He is indeed sick and there's a cure for that: Get a life, Get a job, go to college, get a girlfriend, and stop tracing porn in that small house of yours!

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