Tuesday, February 23, 2010

E-Thug Creates Another Video And The Drama Continues On Rule 34

E-Thug has released more of his traced b.s. through his video.

In the video, it showed some more Sonic Hentai stuff, but not as bad as the other videos that he advertised on the website. It was as though yesterday he told everyone that it's not for adults. Look what we have here now. Even more evidence of it is now shown.

There were a couple of comments that he made on his Youtube channel that I found a bit amusing.

On the oldest comment, he talks about his sister and the party. Not much there.

On the newest comment, I found a bit more amusing. He gets pissed off because I flagged a video of his for having suggestive sexual content and being used for advertisement. He tries to get to me of how I have no life and yada yada yada. I find the irony in all of this by how he spends his life tracing Sonic Hentai b.s., selling it for a profit, and believing that he will be accepted to work at SEGA. Please, why would SEGA hire someone that traces and offers them a bunch of traced Sonic Hentai pictures that suppose to be his calender?

For his website, there was a major change.


In other news, people are still complaining about me and being Jack Bandicoot, including all these other conspiracies. So let's look at a comment that I found very bizarre.

There is so much bullshit in this comment, I don't know where to begin! First off, why the living hell would I make a thread to go after myself? That is some straight-up bullshit right there. Second, I have discovered it when someone posted a comment on the Rule 34 website saying that I deserve to be on Dramachan. I mean really? Why are there so many idiots conspiring all of these conspiracy bullshit to try to make me fear them? Here is the answer: They do not have girlfriends and they spend much of their time fapping and trolling other people to death. Enough said. The drama won't last long, just like most of their other dramas they have on Rule 34. Keep it up guys, your making yourselves look like assholes.

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