Wednesday, July 15, 2009

E-Thug Removed His Videos, Replaced Them With 1 New Video, Site Update, And More!

Well, I'm back again and it seems like that E-Thug has returned.

First, E-Thug had removed all of his videos and replaced them with one new one, as well as a new look for his channel. His video of course states that his site is on a VIRUS alert for months and he can't do anything to prevent it. So that's why my anti virus had blocked it off.

Also, he had updated his site with some new section.

Here is the up close look at the photos.

Of course, he admits that he took this model design from somewhere and had so-called "tweaked" it. He mentions about me again, saying that he's been tracing. Of course, that is what he has been doing and he has such a guilty conscience, that he continues to label things out about me, saying whatever I say isn't true, but is in fact true. Of course, this is less likely that he will make some kind of a decent animation out of these models, let alone none at all. He's using these models as a way to try and promote his sales. He probably didn't want to show them off before he started selling his second comic, in fear of losing the attention so rapidly, like his comics has been. So, what is this wording that says "Sonic House"? Let's continue downward.

A few days ago, he was trying to sell several comics, but an odd thing happened. 3/4 of the sales listed were removed, and were replaced by something else. 3 items listed as adult items that you cannot see unless if you have approved your credit card into Ebay.

What could these items be? Why did he remove most of his items on Ebay for? Why did he remove all of his videos for? It's still a mystery, and he's still losing a lot of money.

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