Saturday, March 6, 2010

E-Thug Updates His Site And More

I've decided to take a break for a short while and now I'm back. First, lets look to what is going on with his website.

I'm unable to access it due to a reported threat on the website. This is just like his original website. So I have decided to try an alternative route. So here are the pictures of the updated site.

A few things that are listed on the site is quite amusing. First off, he is thinking about making the first Sonic Hentai movie. I'm really chuckling at this because apparently he will be creating something that he alone will do and would require vasts amounts of tracing in order to try to accomplish it. It's probably going to run 30 seconds tops. He also mentions about his whole gallery will be an animated movie. There is no way in God's Earth that he will make something long enough and without having a slight bit of tracing involved what so ever. My guess for the voices for his characters would be done by him and people will hear all of this unnecessary whining and other sound effects created by him.

He mentions about if you want him to paint it, you have to donate to him. Shouldn't he be doing that anyway?

He continues to bullshit down the list of how he is using his skills to create them. The only skills he really has is tracing and trying to bullshit everyone to believe in him.

Then he shows some of his traced artwork on his site saying that he can draw. I can notice alot of details that is irregular and messed up. I wouldn't be surprised that there is some tracing involved too.

He is creating a commission thing for people to pay him a fuck load of money for sketches and painting of a art piece. I'll explain later to why he is doing that.

Now here comes the bullshiting advertisement strategy that he is trying to fool people with. He has someone's comment given to him and shown on his website. It's like some of those ads that you see on TV or the internet from someone who says it works, but they are really actors pretending to like it in order for the company to make a quick buck.

His progress bar that he keeps referring to isn't listed on the website! So you will not know whether or not he is close in even getting the donations! To tell you the truth, he was about 20-30% his way there to even unlocking the AmyUntold Finally comic, but then decided to unlock it early since it was going too slow. Then he haves it removed so that it would of seem that he has all the money, but he really doesn't. He is using sketches and painting commissions in order to pay off the rest of the money that he owes for royally fucking up last year.

His new's thing is what really amuses me. It seems that he removed all of the old news that he use to have on his website. He seems to try to stop going after me and making sure that no one would find my blog.

In conclusion, I don't know who he is bullshitting to, but it isn't working for most people. Slezy assholes like this guy is trying to find a way to scam someone out of their money by using cheap advertising techniques and traced content that isn't his.

In other news, the Rule 34 website took down the two evidence images of Apostle and his tracing. This is because a majority of fapping dumb ass idiots that completely ignores of what was going on made excuses of him not tracing. They all rejected the idea and wanted the image to be removed. They stopped their little Dramachan thread for quite a while now. Because of the news breaking out and I managed to discover the image later on and made a post about it, I gained well over 10k of views because of it. So thank you fans of Apostle who completely disagree with him tracing. Keep up the good work of being complete idiots!

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