Saturday, October 17, 2009

E-Thug Creates Yet Another Video, But This Time Finally Mentions Me!

E-thug has finally created a video mentioning me again! Well, sort of.

And here is one of the images that he is linking it to.

A few things to note to all of this. The image he is giving out is just basically photoshopped even more of his comic cover. He just basically showing off the same thing over and over again with more and more photoshop effects added to it. It's nothing really new.

He then mentions about the video and the date of the video it was uploaded and that all other appearences of his clip was shown somewhere else, that it wasn't done by him. Of course ALL of the videos that are uploaded on the OriginalAmyUNTOLD account are, and have always been, his videos. End of discussion. There is already enough documented proof already that he owns these videos that I had re-uploaded and were downloaded in the first place just in case if they were to be removed, like he had stated in the past in his Youtube account where he mentions about removing his videos due to so-called "confusion."

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