Tuesday, March 22, 2011

E-Thug Updating Website; Overcharges Traced B.S.; and More!

You may be wondering about the two photos below this text. This would be most likely the guy who actually does the tracing. The same man that believes that having sex with humans is sick. Here he is posing, like a Playgirl model, showing off his man hood on a nonexistent traced character drawing of Rouge the bat. How in the hell is he coming up with these sick propaganda? On top of that, the costs of the different types of drawing and coloring that he does is downright wrong.

I have noticed that he had updated his gallery photos.

I have noticed that E-thug has yet again updated his web site.

If you all have been noticing for the past year and a half, I snapshot and upload this information mainly because E-thug changes his website and image formatting, trying to cover up this and that. There hasn't been much of any information in regarding the progress of the 3D models. The information in his updates was from 5 months ago, whereas mine hasn't been updated as much as once every three months, mainly because of classes. Not only his website information is a bit outdated, but his Youtube channel comments and videos haven't been updated either.

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