Wednesday, January 13, 2010

E-Thug Banned 2 Accounts, Adds Updates, And More

E-Thug posted some news in his channel, including his videos.

This is really funny. I can know as of why it those were two banned. First, the originalamyuntold account had some vidoeos that were flagged before so it didn't surprise me on it being suspended. You can see why his previous videos were removed.

On the second account, there isn't really a reason as of why it was removed. So both of these accounts, I didn't care for as much. So for his so-called "victory", its more like a joke. You can see why these people who do the flagging 24/7 on my videos have no lives. Just to piss them off even more, I already backed-up all of the videos, including the links to them. So whatever they just did, they failed even more onto it.

As for these bullshit updates, there isn't much to read. He's still advertising his bullshit all over youtube.

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