Wednesday, January 6, 2010

E-Thug's Recent Video Was Banned

What remarkable news! E-Thug's recent video that I have stated just a while ago was banned! This video had both sexual content and advertisement. This marks the 3rd video that was flagged on his account on Youtube.

Shortly afterward, he makes a statement on his channel regarding the video being flagged.

So now he is even more pissed off because his stupidity got in the way in things. He was the one that uploaded the content in the first place, which would then be most likely that it would be flagged by any of my subscribers. I cannot flag his videos with mutiple channels, otherwise all of the channels would be banned for over-using the system. He now wants everyone to flag and 1 star my videos to death. Of course the fact in the mater is that he just put himself into a deeper hole, as there is comments that he makes that can be flagged and permanently ban his account. This can also backfire toward his subscribers, as it will ban their Youtube accounts as well for over-using the system with false evidence.

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