Friday, January 29, 2010

E-Thug Still Advertising His Traced Shit

After taking a short break, I noticed E-Thug posted alot of useless crap on his website and Youtube page.

In his Youtube channel updates, he talks about his advertised b.s. The donors to him are giving him extreme shit change to this guy. There hasn't been someone giving him a $100 at all! It was slowly going up for weeks. He now mentions about his first chapter being up, but I'll mention that in the next section about what he means by that. He now says that his work is done and he's expecting to print this off in a couple of days. Goodie, I can't wait to get this and corrupt his sales again.

Around the time of his updates came his crappier updates on his website. He propagandizes his work by saying that if you don't give him all $500 that he owes to his parents, the quality of that piece of traced work would be low. He is now deciding to work on both a comic and a calender project, which will create an even worse debt for him to fix. I bet you guys notice what some things he wanted in the voting has sexual-like features in it. The rest of it is just more shit to stir up.

Overall, this may be yet another year in declining sales once he starts sending those comics out. Best of all, he'll never know where I live to try and attempt his bullshit of a death threat.

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