Thursday, January 7, 2010

E-Thug Posts More Things About Me, Including Advertising His Traced Work

This week seems to be getting better and better. E-Thug has made 2 new updates to his site.

Yesterday, he recently posted links to all these accounts, and encourages anyone to try and flag my videos and to 1 star them. Of course what he doesn't realize is that he is being a sore loser and that he is open up enough to the point that he will have his account permanently banned. Already, he has 3 banned videos. One more and he'll be banned for good.

On the side note, he recently posted his advertising b.s. on the same site as where I put the upload of the comic. He edits the quality that I have released and shows a comparison between the two. Of course I have places that you can download the comic with even greater resolution, due to G.E-Hentai's resizing policy.

When I entered the gallery, I was laughing to see that his stats on the website is poor, again! So his advertising is failing him once more. It's sort of ironic how he tries to upload advertising porn content on his youtube account, have the video banned, blames me, and then uploads it somewhere else and is still getting crap for it. He can keep blaming me all he wants, but it's his stupidity is the main reason it caused it to happen.

Just look at the last time he tried advertising on the same website back in June. The gallery cannot even be found on the search engines anymore!

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