Sunday, May 31, 2009

Buyers Beware Of E-Thug's Message On His Website!

Here is an image that I have taken on his website:

Give him your address and he'll give you his Paypal address to buy the book? Of course it sounds suspicious for some people, some don't think so. So for the ones that don't think so, let me enlighten you. This same individual had created a death threat in a Youtube video (now removed), and was threatening of not only me, but also his customers. Here was the dead link to that youtube video:

And here's a Google cache of the video shown in the slide just before it was removed:

You can see the Google Cache of this by clicking this link:

What ever you do everyone, DO NOT BUY HIS PRODUCTS! He made these threats to me/his customers, and said that you shouldn't mess with anyone that has your address. Who knows what he would do to some of his customers, if not all of them. He could smuggle a bomb, anthrax, or anything else deadly to anyone that undermines him by simple means of looking of who and what bought his products!

If you are all wondering, yes, I have managed to download this before it was removed from Youtube and I can re-upload it to another account for you all to see.

And of course, I did make a video response for his video:

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