Sunday, May 31, 2009

E-Thug Even Refuses To Contact Me Through Email And More!

Well, seems like E-thug has not got back to me yet, even though I had emailed through his Youtube, Ebay, and even Hot Mail. Is he dead or something? No. He is simply trying to ignore me because I know too much of what he's trying to do. Here's the image of the email that proves that I have sent it to him.

Now, about the comments that I had made in his video, he STILL hasn't replied back to them yet. So, he is scared to even talk to me, but is not scared to make a death threat to me and his loyal customers. What a coward.

On the side note, someone on F-chan had provided a comparision between this E-thug's tracing, Furry Bomb, and yes, even Sonic Dash's work. What an amazing discovery of how we can trace his work back to two different artists, but I think there could be more out there that he has been copying. I'm unable to contact the Furry Bomb artist, but surley I can contact Sonic Dash and have him liable to sue this E-thug for copyright infridgment. Here's the image to it.

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