Saturday, May 30, 2009

Old Video E-Thug Had Made And Then Removed

I remembered seeing this video months ago, advertising the first Amy Untold comic that he had created. Around late March to Early April, he took a video down of his that had advertised for the comic. The video was uploaded on May 19th, 2008 at 2:26:30, which would be probably either in the morning or afternoon. The video had about at least 100 views in it. He used some kind of music called "Soft Return" that was playing in the video. I think he had at least 7-8 videos in his channel and had decided to take them all down, (excluding the 2009 ones.) Anyway, I have managed to take a screen shot of what the video description had said and of proof that it had once existed.

The description reads:
"Hi Everybody! It seems i forgot about the whole thing huh? :-) nnnope... The new plan is to make a big sexy booklet about Amy which kicks ass. This will contain Amy Untold 1 and 2, and a colored picture gallery of 21 full-page (some of them takes two pages each... they are biiig...) pics, from very soft to very the opposite of soft... Why the underwater theme on the video? Because that is the only picture soft enough to make a trailer of yepper! When I am ready, im gonna send it to the printery, so it'll be a freakin high quality stuff. The good thing for you, is that the printery cant do anything less than 50 copies, so i need 49 of you to afford my copy. The price is still unknown, they can only tell me that, when i can send them the .PDF of the whole booklet. But dont expect more than an average similar thing's price... i guess... So be the first to email me... or at least be in the 49 people, and your gonna get it... uh, the printed version of course. No, not free download here, sorry, you had the chance and you blew it, Guy on FChan, why the hell are you watching this? nobody pays attention to your opinion here, thanks. SO THE PRE-ORDER HERE MEANS "SUBSCRIBE THROUGH E-MAIL TO BE IN TEH LUCKY GROUP 49 PERSONS" GOOD LUCK!"

Interesting. Now, in the description, he said that there won't be a download for it, but if I can recall, I think another video had some kind of download link to it, but then it was later removed do to some "Fchan user." Amy Untold 1 and Amy Untold 2, in the early days, were basically two parts to the Amy Untold Finally comic, meaning that Amy Untold 1 was the first half, while Amy Untold 2 was part of the 2nd half, but in a poor quality. Of course, the Amy Untold 1 comic was spread across the net normally and had eventually died because of the poor quality it really was. I wonder why he changed his email for? Anyway, whoever the Fchaner that had said something to him is a mystery for me to even figure, but it must of made TC really mad. Fyi, I'm somewhat of an Fchaner so that probably would make him even more angry if he ever found that out.

There's the proof in his channel saying that he deleted all his videos. He makes some kind of excuse saying that they are too old, really outdated, caused a lot of confusion, and more unnecessary questionings for days. Well, if you read above of what you said, you probably know the real reason as if why he had done that. He didn't want word to get out of his first comic and of the videos advertising to it so he decided to remove them all. Because of this, no one would ever guess it about him advertising his almost non-existent comic back in 2008, except for the people who actually know him well. Someone that I know well had made a comment about this since he knows TC very well in the Fchan days.

"The uncensored pictures were already posted in his page. He replaced them for censored pictures when he discovered they were on here. The Creator is a guy who started the ''Amy Untold'' series back in 2008, with a handdrawn comic, with edits in art apps.It got distributed in low res for free, the hi-res needed some payment, because this guy wanted donations. As his infamy arose due to a fight with FCHAN and reviews saying that the comic was horrible,he started a new project, which is the comic he is selling now. It got a redesign from the very first book, and some colored works and the second part of the first comic. All in an almost-70 page book. This time he's asking money for it.But since the first comic, he traced things off Furry Bomb. Some poses are completely identical, and in the new book you can see my with the same aroused face, because it's tracing too. What he's doing is two wrong things. One is tracing, he needs to do that, if you see his first comic, he sucks at drawing,with many problems in proportions and anatomy."

With that said and done, I will be providing links and info of his first comic in my next video. That way, you can see the comparison of the two comics and see how he was trying to cover it all up to begin with. One more thing, the title of his video "Amy UNTOLD will return soon?!" simply means that it did return, except he combined the 1st two crappy versions of Amy Untold and added more traced work into it. Also, the video I created looks almost identical with his old one that he had taken down a couple months ago.

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