Saturday, May 30, 2009

Message I Sent To Ebay About Baloghzoli

After thinking about it, I didn't want the buyers on Ebay to find out that they are stuck with a product that has no money back guarantee, no information if this individual wouldn't be checking his Ebay comments, and having no information of where to contact him to, unless they can magically figure out his Youtube account and find his email address. Could that be illegal? Sounds like it to me since you have no contact with the person except with the money transaction and product shipment. Anyway, I contacted Ebay about this miss-hap of this user name known as "baloghzoli" Here is his Ebay page.

And here is what I wrote to Ebay:

"Hello there. A user name of baloghzoli had stated in a Youtube video that he refuses any messages asked to his Ebay account, even if it is about his product. He wants us to instead contact him through email, but there is no email of his to be found on the Ebay site, but only on the Youtube site, which isn't linked to the Ebay. How would buyers on Ebay be able to contact him for questions or comments if they don't have his email listed anyway on this baloghzoli account? I mean, since there is a no return policy and no way to contact him on Ebay, then how on Earth would they be able to contact him without an email address listed no where on the site? I tried contacting him on both his email and Ebay account, but he refuses to answer my questions or comments on his product. Thank you for listening to my concerns as well as the buyers for this product. Listed below is the video proof of him saying this."

And the proof that I have been sending him Ebay messages, as well as Youtube messages, here's a couple of the snapshots that I have recently took:

I can see why he is loosing money for the fact being that no one can contact him on his Ebay account, and has no clue of how they would be able to contact him by email or even find his Youtube account! Pure stupidity I guess.

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