Sunday, May 31, 2009

More And More People Aren't Buying His Comics

Okay, remember the last couple of posts that I made about one of his comics were bid and were bid for the first time in a week?

Well, I stumbled on something. I looked into a search for the past 15 days, yes 15 days of all of what he sold/hasn't been sold, and only 1 thing was bid on. Take a look!

Two bids! And the rest of them were still not sold! And recently, 3 or 4 of them were taken down from the Ebay sellers page section of his. What does that mean? That means he had lost indeed a HUGE profit because of these comics weren't sold! According to his site, his comic is worth $15 plus $5 of shipping. So, if you look at the comics that he didn't sale, that would range to about $240 plus $80 worth of shipping money if he would to actually need $15 for each comic, but he didn't! So, let's caculate how much each comic is worth on Ebay when he typed in the numbers. So, if it were to all be sold at that price shown above (exculding the 1st item), he would make $232.36 plus $60 shipping. Of course, none of them were sold and had lost a huge profit of not only selling the comics, but also printing them! So this is why most of his products are on a "Buy Now" option because he doesn't want to loose anymore profit! He sold 24 out of 41 of his comics. That's a little over half! So, I guess he won't be selling anymore of his traced comics anytime soon, unless he can dish out cash by working or using his profit money (which is unlikely to happen.)

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