Saturday, May 30, 2009

The E-thug Refuses To Respond To My Videos Or Messages.

I haven't gotten any word from this person, only for the fact of a cold shoulder. He recently made some video of an Ebay user name that I had created. The only reason why I have created that user name is because he refuses to answer my Youtube mail, so by going into Ebay and contacting him from there, it would most likely to work, but it didn't. I have sent him a few messages on Ebay 2 days ago and he refuses to answer the questions about his book. I guess he has a guilty conscience. In his newest video, he just shows that I have created a username on Ebay. So he does know that I exist on there, but refuses to reply back to my Ebay messages. Talk about being a coward. Anyway, in his annotation of his video, he made an odd statement:

Why would be laughing if I asked him legitimate questions about his products on Ebay? Why would I give out my real name to someone that had threaten to not only kill me, but of his customers as well. Not to mention that he is holding their addresses accountable as stated in his first video or so it seems. Then, he says "Whats next? You're gonna order me 10 pizzas which I didn't really want?" This is Ebay sir, not the online pizza hut order. Next time think before you type.

Of course he states that he can only be contacted through his email address, but what if the users on Ebay doesn't know his email address and want to contact him on Ebay about his product? That seems a little sketchy if you ask me. I mean, would you buy a product from someone from Ebay if you don't know their email address and thought it would be better to contact them on Ebay since they are selling it on Ebay? Also, if he said that he can only be contacted onto Youtube and his email, then why didn't he reply back to me at all? Is it because he knows that it's me or is it the fact that he doesn't want to be asked tough questions that could create a lot of trouble? You be the judge. One more thing, he is lying about being only on Youtube since he made that promotional gallery, with the website url smacked onto the description.

I guess the shoe is on the other foot, eh?

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